Karen answers Kevin

Comment by Kevin on February 16, 2009 4:19 am


I say peanut butter. USOT is contaminated peanut butter, will need to close and reopen with safe measures in place. I bet you make better peanut butter that is not contaminated. So make peanut butter please.


Dear Kevin,

Funny you compare contaminated peanut butter to USoT.  I assume you meant that our story is truer than USoT?  It’s true that Switching Time presents the treatment of a true multiple personality, and that USoT is just a TV show.  I’m not sure how I can help them make real peanut butter!  For the real thing, people will just have to go to Switching Time!

Thank you for your compliment on believing Dr. Baer and I could improve the show with our knowledge!



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  1. WTF is this guy talking about? Peanut butter analogy? Is he trying to impress you both with sarcasm? Nevermind.

    I admire every attempt you made to share the reality of life from a multiple’s perspective. I know someone who is diagnosed with D.I.D. and she is more like you. I read Switching Time to learn more of how to be a friend to her, not in a sexual way, for I am gay. I love her as a sister and want to be there for her. She is really nice and a great friend. May I ask how does someone like me befriend a multiple without becoming stressed with the overwhelming trauma that can come from the illness. She doesn’t show anger but we don’t know each other very well yet. I want to be prepared. What are some warning signs to watch out for? What should I do? Ignore her and not be her friend or chance a great friendship?


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