Karen answers Mary Beth T

Comment by Mary Beth T on February 15, 2009 4:01 pm

Dear Karen,

How are things going in the book world? Why hasnʼt Oprah called you? What is wrong with her? I admired Oprah once but no more. It appears that many of her shows have to do with what she wants rather than what the people in the world want. Like this Edgar Sawtelle book. I read it because it was on her show. Did not rate it high. I guess if Oprah said itʼs great everyone believes her. Now your book is meaningful and true. I feel sad that you lost your chance at the book succeeding. I will continue to be a fan of yours and Richard Baer. Just because Oprah doesnʼt care doesnʼt mean your book failed. No one needs Oprah to sell a book. Our book club use to read every book she recommended, we stopped at Edgar Sawtelle. I donʼt think Oprah reads the books she promotes in full. If she did Iʼd be shocked. It would to great if she told your story so that people would learn from it. The new show United States of Tara makes your book look bad. How can fiction over interest nonfiction? I swear if Oprah puts the cast of Tara on her show without you that would be a disgrace to the medical world. Chin Up!

Mary Beth T

Dear Mary Beth,

It’s funny how some books get a big boost from Oprah, and others soldier on, gaining momentum slowly through word of mouth from readers that are touched and moved and spread the word.  I truly appreciate your concern, but we’ve have had some great publicity during the past year and our book is holding it’s own. Switching Time is growing in sales and we hope to be around a long time.  Of course, Oprah would help!

I can’t say why Oprah hasn’t featured us.  They know about Switching Time.  There could be many reasons why our story hasn’t yet been chosen.  I have faith that if it were meant to be, it will still happen.  I’ve always respected Oprah’s decisions and choices.

Dr. Baer and I have worked very hard for so many years to heal me from the true illness of multiple personality disorder.  Together, Dr. Baer and I have already succeeded!

Thank you for believing in our true story.  I feel that if Oprah should choose to air the cast from “The United States of Tara” as representing the true illness of multiplicity, that would be a shame.  The USoT is not an accurate depiction of this illness.

Thank you for your heartfelt concern and questions.



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  1. Karen do you think dreams sometimes have hidden messages? I am not a dream expert but I notice on occasion I will have dreams that have a strong message for me or somone close to me. I also wanted to know did your dreams change after your alters were integrated? Thank you . Cindy

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