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Comment by Max on February 17, 2009 6:14 am

Wow! I didn’t expect you’d respond to my question, having so many of them every day. Thanks so much!  I just think it’s amazing what art can do for a person; as an artist and composer of music myself, it’s my primary way of getting out any emotions that are too strong for my system to handle (and most of the emotions end up becoming that way! :O). Maybe Jensen saw those pictures and was just immediately able to identify with them in some way.  It helps a lot to relate someone else’s work to your own life, and I know kids get inspired by others’ works all the time. I was inspired a TON by 90s Nickelodeon cartoons when I was really young.  It really helps you feel like you’re not alone in this world… to look at another person’s creation and think “That’s just like me.” or “That’s just like how I felt when that happened.”

Multiplicity is really interesting to me in that respect.. since your mind had to come up with so many different, distinctive personalities, it makes me think just how much more the human mind is capable of doing to save us from pain… and how much more it’s able to do in general. Certainly out of this came a wonderful artistic ability that helped you out as a whole… it just proves to me more how important art and creative expression are for survival, whether it’s yours to make or yours to enjoy from the outside.

Thanks so much for answering.  I wish you all the best.


Dear Max,

Welcome Back!  I try my best to answer each question.  I believe it’s important to do whatever I can to help everyone understand the reality of multiple personality disorder, at least through one multiple’s eyes, mine.

I agree, it is amazing what art can do for a person.  And I remember watching Nickolodeon, too!  I’ve always been creative, whether through myself or my alters. As a child I always drew pictures, painted, and enjoyed art in many different forms.  Some of my fondest memories came from visiting the Art Institute, the Field Museum and Museum of Science and Industry, all in Chicago. Many high schools days were spent taking a bus to Old Town in Chicago, sitting in front of buildings and drawing the architecture. I always wondered why I’d draw something instead of take a picture.  I sometimes created works of art which I sold for extra money.  Sometimes I wonder who still owns my art.

My ex-alter, Jensen, was my most creative. I often admired the art he created, whether he chose to copy, or draw fresh from his own vision.  I believe Jensen may have read through some of my children’s books back then and was inspired by some art he saw. Art can lessen stress, and believe me, there was stress. I believe Jensen may have re-created some art and attached his own emotionals to them. I’ll never know for sure; it’s always been a mystery to me. I believe all multiple’s are creative. It really takes a creative mind to survive a multiple’s world.

I believe expressing feelings and thoughts through art is one of the most important ways to survive and heal from past hurts. There’s a kind of freedom in art, a window to the soul.

Thank you so much for your kind words. Wishing you all my best!



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  1. Karen coming from an abusive childhood also, I feel like in the end there has to be some kind of justice for people who abused us as children. . I understand and know that forgivness is the key for healing but I have to admit I feel a sense of comfort knowing that there is a just God in the end for these people…. I also belive in Karma and wanted to know your feelings on that. Thank you, Cindy

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