Karen answers Keith

Comment by Keith on February 22, 2009 2:50 am


If a alter inside you committed suicide in your mind how would you live? Itʼs a crazy question but I have alters that threatened to kill themselves inside, not on the outside. So if thereʼs a death internally what will happen? I think you are the first person who understands how people with multiple personalities work. I know you can answer this easily. Thank you very, very much. I like and admire you.


Dear Keith,

If an alter of mine committed suicide, as they often threatened, I would be dead.  I’m not sure your alter really understands the difference between “internal” vs “real” suicide.

Once, one of my alters, Miles, felt that if he ended his life, I would be spared the pain he experienced during my being abused.  He was trying to protect me.  There is no easy answer here, suicide is not to be taken lightly.

Please seek professional help as soon as possible. If any “part” or “alter” of yours is suicidal and commits suicide, you may cease to exist.  A multiple shouldn’t kill off alters within their mind; a multiple must integrate each alter to heal.  A merging of all alters is necessary for survival.  Each alter is a fragment or part of the whole you. Think of yourself as a puzzle, if any one piece was missing, the puzzle wouldn’t be complete. Therefore, you must not eliminate any alters, just merge them within yourself.

Please take care of yourself and your alters. Wishing you a safe journey to healing.



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