Karen answers Benton

Comment by Benton on March 4, 2009 8:51 pm

Okay, Karen, you answered that the series United States of Tara wasn’t about your life. I think you and Richard Baer should check into that a bit more. In episode 8 one of Tara’s alters claims to be pregnant. In your book the same thing happened. Do all multiple people, women, become pregnant at some point in the therapy? See what I mean, too damn coincidental! I am a fan of yours and the show but the similarities have me pissed off. What is Richard Baer or your agent doing about this?

Benton is Concerned

Dear Benton,

The Showtime series “United States of Tara” is not about my life.  I have seen episode eight and actually, for a moment, I thought the same as you, however, the story line was much different.  I believe it is possible for the writers of USoT to write something similar to my story in Switching Time. For instance, Buck, a male alter is left handed and likes to bowl, just like Holdon.  Maybe they did gain the idea of including a false pregnancy from my story.  There is no way to prove this.  Neither Dr. Baer nor I gave this show any permission to use our story.  Until the similarities become more obvious, we’ll simply have to regard these things as a coincidence.

In my case, yes, one of my ex-alters, Sandy, believed she was pregnant and had contractions, including swollen breasts and other signs of pregnancy.  I remember Sandy believed in this so much that she even took prenatal vitamins!  All this lasted a few months and only when Sandy was out and active. One’s mind is powerful, and if you believe something to be real, it can appear to be, even in the case of a false pregnancy.  It all continues to be a mystery to me.

I appreciate your concern for both Dr. Baer and me, and for the integrity of our story, Switching Time.  I have watched all the episodes of USoT, and of course I’ve found similarities. If we find more of a problem after viewing all the episodes of USoT, we will have to act accordingly.



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