Karen answers R.O.

Comment by R.O. on March 7, 2009 10:16 pm

Karen, you lived in the Chicago area right? I think we were from the same neighborhood? After reading your story it made me cringe. I think you changed some things for maybe some protection reasons but if you were living in the Bridgeport/Brighton Park area than your grandfather tried something on me. I got away, sorry you couldn’t because you had to live with them. I lived down the block and we were childhood friends. My entire life had been spent wondering if you were alive. If this is you and you can’t reveal your self I understand why. I would be afraid to. If this is you write something in your answer to me that only I would know. If you can remember ? I think you know who I am. I never forgot you.


Dear R.O.,

We may have known each other and lived in the same neighborhood, however, without knowing your name, it’s hard for me to acknowledge knowing you. If we were friends, I am very sorry my grandfather tried something on you. I always tried to keep my friends away from my house. If you do know me, you would’ve known that I’d never bring friends home if my father or grandfather were there.  I always tried my best to keep my friends  safe.

I’m sorry, but there are many reasons for my decision to remain anonymous.  I am not ashamed of who I am or where I came from, but for me, it’s best for the safety of my children, myself, and other family members.

I have no interest in bringing sadness to the people who live in the area I grew up in. I believe there are many proud and respectful families that need not be made aware of the horrific abuse I suffered nearby. It would only bring sadness to the neighborhood.

If you did know me, then you would know that I spent many days hiding in a church stairwell.  If you did know me, you would have always found me there.

Wishing you all my best,



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  1. Thank you. I knew.


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