Karen answers Fred

Comment by Frederick on March 14, 2009 12:46 pm

Hello Karen,

In episode 9 of USoT Dr. Ocean freaked me out! What is your opinion of the therapy between Dr. Ocean and Tara? Did you therpaist behave in such a way? Loved your book, Love you, Love that you are here answering questions your therapist should be answering.

Good luck always,


Dear Frederick,

I know USoT is a show for entertainment but seriously, in my opinion, “Tara” isn’t receiving the appropriate support from her therapist.  Tara needs a qualified psychiatrist, who has experience in psychoanalysis.  Dr. Ocean is skittish, does not exude confidence, and appears too frail to deal with Tara, her alters, and her family.  I know that there was little session time to base my opinion on, however, if my psychiatrist behaved in such a manner I would’ve run out the door, too!

A multiple “feeds” off their therapist until she, herself, can gain the strength needed to succeed.  A multiple requires a strong, self-assured therapist.  When a patient like me walks into a therapist’s office already feeling insecure, with the ability to zone in on feelings of weakness, it’s not acceptable for the therapist to appear distraught.  A multiple knows!  Therefore, trust can’t be established and therapy becomes an added stress on both the multiple and the therapist. Tension is destructive and no work gets accomplished.

In my opinion, Dr. Ocean appears too weak to be a good therapist.  She appears to have many issues of her own and should seek help for herself while treating Tara.  A multiple can overwhelm and exhaust her therapist.  My psychiatrist never showed any signs of distress or weakness in my presence during our therapeutic relationship. He may have been stressed, become physically ill, or even hated me, but even I never picked up on it, and believe me, as a multiple I would have.  Therapists are trained to not reflect emotions through their facial expressions. Dr. Ocean couldn’t and was easily read. I’m sure Tara knew that.

I believe Dr. Ocean will terminate the therapeutic relationship with Tara. Why? Because there already has been a breach in confidentiality when Max, Tara’s husband, went to see her without Tara.  I don’t see that Dr. Ocean is the right therapist to handle Tara and her alters.

Thank you for your question.



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