Karen answers Sally

Comment by Sally, Utah on March 13, 2009 2:57 pm

Karen, Response to Measlam.

I don’t believe you. Your answer to Measlam was incorrect. I read the book. There is no possible way Baer was the author without you the co-author. Most co-author write less than what you contributed and have equal billing. Why isn’t your name on the front of the book? Why would Baer take ownership when it’s not his to take? I see you answered mechanically to protect Baer. Stand up. Don’t allow another man to control you. Can’t you see he belittled you?

God help you Karen, for you continue to be abused.



Dear Sally,

I answer your questions with a heavy heart. I’ve answered similar questions many times here on the Switching Time blog, and I appreciate your being concerned for me. I can tell you are angry out of caring for me as a woman. There were readers who were curious and like you, concerned as to whether or not I am being treated fairly for my part in helping with the work involved in the making of this book. Please allow me to assure you. I would never allow myself to be taken advantage of or controlled by any man, ever again. I am a woman who had once suffered a great deal. I am not being abused by Dr. Baer.

I’ve been asked how I manage to answer all the questions asked of me here. I answer each question with confidence and strength. Dr. Baer is my mentor, confidant and trusted friend. It saddens me when people try to discredit him and tear him down in front of me. Dr. Baer and I respect and trust each other.

What’s most important for all to know is that we worked very hard for over twenty years to heal me and share our journey in the book Switching Time. It doesn’t matter who did more, why my name isn’t on the cover, how much I’m being compensated, etc. What matter’s most is that I am alive and free to live a life that never would’ve been possible without Dr. Baer’s unconditional care. I’ve shared my story to bring hope to others who have suffered abuse.

Please respect my wishes for privacy regarding my therapeutic relationship and business partnership with Richard Baer.

Thank you.



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