Karen answers Bailey

Comment by Bailey on March 16, 2009 11:09 pm

Hi Karen Overhill.  The answer you gave RO was interesting. In Chicago the old neighborhoods had very distinguished hiding places. Hidden underground, dark walkways. You mentioned a church stairwell. How did you get there? Did anyone ever get in your way? Can you write a visual?


Dear Bailey,

The stairwell takes me back to a time I’d rather not revisit, however, I will do my best to share a bit for you and our readers to visualize a moment of my past.

The church was located less than fifteen yards from my backyard.  My escape would happen quickly, as soon as I felt I could get away from my abuser, and from wherever in the house I was.  If I felt threatened enough to flee, there was no stopping me.  Karl or Miles would come out and attack anyone who would try to stop me.  It’s called survival.

If my abuse started in the attic and I lost time, my alters would wait for the chance to escape. When I had the chance, I would run as fast as possible, down three flights of stairs, out the porch door, down another flight of stairs, through the yard, down the gangway, and out the back gate.  If it was locked, I’d jump the fence, run to the church’s backyard, down the steps and wind up at the church’s back basement security door, down in the stairwell.

Thank you for your question.



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