Karen answers Dolly

Comment by Dolly on March 14, 2009 6:25 pm

Hi Karen,

I can see that you answered a million questions and how wonderful you are to. What kind of questions to you prefer people ask you? Are all questions answered? I have a few questions. Has your dream been fulfilled? Do you have a secret wish? What hurts you? last one…. Have you accomplished all that you wished to?


Dear Dolly,

I don’t mind answering questions here on the Switching Time blog.  It has always been my hope to share my experiences in a helpful way.  I truly believe our Web site is a safe place for all readers to feel comfortable enough to share, contact me, and ask their questions.  I look forward to personally answer each one.

I don’t have any particular preference for what kind of questions to answer, but there have been times when a few stressful questions have pushed me to defend my decision to share my story and my therapeutic relationship with Dr. Baer.  It’s these type of questions that have me wondering why it’s so important to some people to tear down one of the most amazing accomplishments of Dr. Baer’s and my life.

My dreams remain dreams at this point.  Does anyone really fulfill all their dreams?  I think not.  I believe it takes all of one’s lifetime to fulfill a dream. It’s hard work to live in reality.  When dreaming, one lives in fantasy.  And yes, I have a secret wish, doesn’t everyone?  It’s a secret!  If I shared my secret wish, it would no longer be my secret. Therefore, I won’t share.

To answer your question regarding accomplishing all that I wish to, no I haven’t. I continue to work hard each day just to survive. I am proud of all that I have accomplished in my life.  Of course, I’m not perfect, and I’ve made mistakes myself and learned the hard way. 

Living in reality is a challenge for me, but I love a challenge.  My goal is to be at peace within myself and to live my life with integrity.

Thank you for your questions.



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