Karen answers Mel

Comment by Mel on March 16, 2009 12:43 am

Thank you Karen for answering Measlam and Sally in such a thoughtul heartelt way. You know how I would answer? I would’ve told them off, swear and not answered them with respect. I applaud you. You do make a difference to the lives of people who suffer. Why didn’t Oprah have you on her show? What’s wrong with that picture? Doesn’t she know about you?

Grateful to you.


Dear Mel,

I know it may be hard for most people to understand why I answer questions that may be off-putting and accusatory, but here on the Switching Time blog, I want to answer all questions asked. There’s no reason for me to tell anyone off when my hope is to provide comfort and understanding.  In my opinion, an inappropriate question requires a caring and appropriate answer.  On this blog, it’s all about learning, sharing, multiplicity, and how I survived.

The people at Oprah’s show know about me, but it’s hard to know what sorts of decisions go on there to decide what’s best for her show.  They haven’t yet decided to portray my story, but  Dr. Baer and I have made sure they have a copy of our book.  I’m not sure why she hasn’t chosen to share my story.  There could be many reasons, and it is my hope that one day she chooses to have me on her show.  I appreciate your thoughts about this.

Thank you for all your compliments, especially for believing that I am making a difference in the lives of those who suffer.



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