Karen answers Cindy

Comment by Cindy on March 24, 2009 4:11 pm

Karen, coming to your site makes me and I am sure many others feel comforted knowing we are not alone on our journey of survival and healing. It seems like one of the things I noticed is that I tend to be more intuitive and sensitive than the average person…My therapist told me because I grew up with with a lot of child abuse that some children are a lot more intuitive and sensitive that get abused. I notice when I meet a stranger I am able to sense a lot of things about that person before they even tell me much about themselves. I also have had many dreams in my past that have come true that I was not able to explain. I guess if there is anything good that did come out of my child abuse it would have to be that I am grateful to have this gift of sensitivity that seems to be protecting me from any further harm and abuse. I just wanted to know if you have ever experienced anything similar to this? Blessings to you.


Dear Cindy,

Thank you for your compliments and sharing that coming to our site brings comfort to not only you but to others as well. It’s important for me to share in hope to help others through their own personal journey.

I have always been sensitive to everything around me.  I call it being attuned.  I have no choice but to be aware at all times.  Being attuned could make the difference between being abused harshly or less so. There were many times I sensed trouble ahead and tried to get away or disappear before it was too late. It’s hard to live in such a way, and although being attuned may appear to be a gift, it isn’t always.

My gift of being attuned can cause me heartache. Recently, I sensed a trusted friend’s dislike for me. It’s devastating to know how someone feels about you without them telling you so. I can tell by reading facial movements, body language, and patterns of speech. Sadly, I always feel to blame even when I’m not. It’s hard knowing what people think before they speak.

Since integration, whenever I sense trouble, betrayal, deception, or someone who may try to deceive me, I know, I always know.

Thank you for your questions.



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