Karen answers James

Comment by James on March 22, 2009 2:04 pm

“Karen” Nice to see you after all these years. It was great catching up with the real you. I had a question that needs to be asked. Remember in High School, during our Sophmore year when a group of us took the test to see if we were MENSA qualified. None of us made it but YOU DID! Was that you or an alter? Have you been tested since? How about your children? That was a time, during the test, when I looked at you and swear you were different from the norm. A program this morning prompted my question.

Congratulation on your success!

Love you, Take care!


Dear James,

It was nice seeing you, too! I appreciate your kind thoughts and understanding.  I do remember that day when five of us took the test to see, as you put it “how smart we were”.  That was a fun day!  I wasn’t interested in the testing part. I was interested being with you and our friends and going for french fries loaded with ketchup after the test.

I’m not sure how I acquired the high score that I did.  I always thought it was pure coincidence or luck. However, I do recall starting the test and finishing the test, but not the in between and taking the test. I may have not been myself, and an alter completed the test for me. I’m not sure.  Maybe when you looked at me that day you saw one of my alters. 

What I do know for sure is that I never accepted being a member of MENSA because I could not accept something I couldn’t recall accomplishing myself.  All I know is that because of that test no one left me alone, especially my algebra teacher who made me tutor other students. I didn’t know back then I was a multiple. My multiplicity continues to be somewhat of a mystery to me.

To my knowledge, I don’t recall ever testing again. Regarding my children, my son tested for MENSA at age ten and made it.  Although I don’t believe it matters how high someone’s IQ is, what matter’s most is one’s ability to succeed.

Thank you for your question. Looking forward to hearing from you again sometime.



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