Karen answers KC

Comment by KC on March 21, 2009 4:52 pm

Karen Overhill,

Thank you for being so kind to the idiots of this world. Patience is a virtue. A jerk is a jerk and will always be a jerk. I see that you still acknowledge the jerks who ask you accusatory questions . I don’t know how you do it but there needs to be more people like you. Richard Baer did a great job with you. Are you like this because of his help or this is how you always are?


Atlanta, GA

Dear KC,

I empathize with all people and never consider anyone an idiot.  Of course, I admit there have been a few people who have been difficult to understand.  What’s most important to me is bringing an understanding to the illness, multiplicity.  Actually, those who challenge me, sometimes amuse me.

Dr. Baer is my mentor and yes, he has done a great job in working together with me, to heal me.  I have learned a great deal from him, however, we are not alike. I am my own person just as he is his own person. I did not ‘become’ Dr. Baer because of his help, nor did I learn to be who I am by modeling myself after him.

Thank you for your compliment on needing more people in the world to be like me, your kind and thoughtful words have touched me and are much appreciated.



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