Karen answers Matt

Comment by Matt on March 25, 2009 12:33 pm

Karen or Richard,

Can’t buy the book from amazon? Was told all HC sold out, will there be a second edition? I hate trade paperback? If a second edition prints have them add the reader group question to the end. I bought six books as gifts to share with my colleagues. Don’t want to buy second editions, want first. Great work you two!


Dear Matt,

I’ve noticed, too, that Amazon.com has been out of the hard cover version of our book.  Thank you for purchasing extra copies of Switching Time to give as gifts to your colleagues. I appreciate your interest in the first edition of our book.

It’s Dr. Baer’s and my hope that our book continues to sell well. We believe there are still hard cover books available, maybe just not through Amazon at this time. There could be a possibility for a second edition at some point, or maybe, God willing, a sequel. Of course, the trade paperback version of Switching Time is available, as well as a version for Kindle and audio. 

Thank you for your compliments, for your support, and especially for your suggestion for adding the Reader Group questions.



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