Excellent media hits for Dr. Baer, Karen, and Switching Time



  1. Karen,
    Did you appear different? Did you have many friends? Were you withdrawn, distant or teased by classmates? I have a reason for asking. There is a 9 year old friend of my daughter that I believe is sexually abused. As I read your story, something hit me that she may also have MPD.
    Why didn’t your mother notice any signs you were being abused? Without proof, what can I do? Is it wise that I allow my daughter to befriend her?
    If my daughter shared her friends “secret” am I obligated to inform police?

    Confused Mom

  2. Hi Karen,

    I viewed all the videos and read all reviews. Richard Baer did a great job in writing the book and you are doing a great job answering all our questions. I had a thought about your true identity. Why aren’t you visible to the public eye? Are you ashamed of who you are? Is Richard Baer ashamed of you? Us people need to see real people and you are real right? If you aren’t pretty or photogenic it doesn’t matter to anyone. Can you add a picture of yourself and of Richard Baer here?

    Best of luck in your future, Leaf

  3. The guys voice on your book on tape was awesome! It pierced through me. I would listen, fall asleep, rewind, start again and had to keep going. I rewound it a few times. I even listend to a few sections twice. Powerful and debiliating at the same time. I am not one to read so hearing it was good for me. There were times I had to stop what I was doing and make sure not to kill anyone. I couldn’t listen to it in the car. It was too overbearing and intense. Great book!


  4. Hi Karen,

    HELP! Where is everything at? I couldn’t find the Good Morning America interview, the alters picture, Richard Baer’s picture, the hard cover picture and other stuff that was on the website before. I feel like a idiot? I was trying to show people about your book and couldn’t find any of what I was looking for? It was there months ago where is is now? It needs to be put back on!

    Desperately trying to save my sanity. I wasn’t seeing things!

    Betty Joanne

  5. Hi karen,

    I read the email about the other website and couldn’t find what that reader was looking for. It did sound interesting. I would like to know more about you and what you do to rest now that you are without the others? There is a anonymous saying “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what you do with what happens to you”. I’d like to know what you do with what happened to you?


  6. Dear Karen,
    I have read your story and I cannot begin to understand the horrors you endured as a child. I am truly sorry no one came to your aid. I write to you today because I am around children a lot of the time, especially girls. I want to be aware of what I need to look for in these kids as signs of abuse. In the book you mention kids that are withdrawn into their self. What are some other signs I can look for? I really appreciate any insight you can offer. I want to thank you for allowing your story to be told and I wish you all the best.

  7. Oh Man! I read SYbil and Switching Time! Sybil was difficult to read. Switching Time is the new Sybil and has much more factual information for the reader to understand the illness. It’s a shame your doctor and agents didn’t make sure the book Marshall was reading in the first episode of United States if Tara was your book not Sybil. What’s wrong with your publicity team?

    Whittier, CA

  8. Dear Karen,

    How is it possible to view the interviews online? I tried to access Good Morning America and couldn’t.? I know it’s been done before. Is it possible on this site? I hit the link nothing but the written inteview came up. I bought the Kindle version of Switching Time. I loved the the closeness between you and your therapist. I know therapy wasn’t like a romance in a real sense but I most certainly felt the love between the both of you. I cried when Claire integrated. Tell me, how do feel about each other nowadays?
    I am in awe! Isn’t love great! I even love you.

    Cali Girl

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