Karen answers Barry

Comment by Pissed off Barry on October 28, 2008 2:30 am

Karen, you have every right to label this guy a child molester because he IS and WAS convicted of it. I am grateful this freak wrote in. It was so weird but helpful reading what his thoughts were about. He assumes he’s ok? This weirdo doesn’t even feel remorse. Let him write a hundred times so we can learn about the minds of molesters. Thank you Karen for answering CM even though you were too easy. I would like to read that you call him worse. Don’t be nice to him. Tell him off!

Hey, Child Molester, What area do you reside in? I sure would like to know? If you ever think of doing something like hurting another child, do us all a favor and report yourself. Why did you read Karen’s book, for your own sick pleasure?

Pissed off Barry


Dear Barry,

I appreciate that you agree with my addressing Male 3 as a child molester.  I felt justified because he is a convicted child molester.  In a way, I was glad that he wrote in, too.  This way, those who read this blog can understand better the mindset of a child molester and see how there is no remorse or guilt.  This child molester, in particular, doesn’t seem to show remorse even after spending five years in prison for his crime.  I can understand your not wanting me to be nice to people like him and wish for me to tell him off.  However, this man needs professional help, which I cannot provide.

Regarding your message to this child molester, hopefully he will read your comment here.



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