Karen answers David

Comment by David on October 27, 2008 3:42 am


Were you drugged before abused? If you were what do you think you were given? I read Switching Time and was absolutely engrossed in your life. I canʼt imagine how you went from one point to the next. You mustʼve been drugged and if the alters were to protect you why didnʼt they? Why did you go willingly and why didnʼt your alters hide you or fight back? If you couldnʼt what made you not kill them any chance you had? I donʼt get it? I wouldʼve killed them all the moment I had a chance. Perverts need to be destroyed. Do you think they received their just reward?



Dear David,

I’m not sure whether I was drugged before being abused.  I may have been, but I lost time and slipped into an altered state of mind.  My alters were created for the sole purpose of sparing me from the horrific trauma and experiences I endured.  I may have been drugged afterwards.

Why did I go willingly with my abusers?  I was a child; how could I foresee what would happen?  My alters were created to protect me.  They were within me and could not prevent what happened; all they could do was take control and endure the pain for me.  My alters kept the rest of me unavailable during the worst of the worst abuse.

I can understand why you would imagine killing those who might have hurt you.  This is not who I am.  I couldn’t kill anyone.  However, I did think about it.  You are right, perverts need to be done away with, but it’s not in my nature to take this task into my own hands.  I will leave this to the justice system, or better yet, God.  In the end, all those who have abused me, as well as all God’s children, will receive their just rewards.

Thank you for your questions,



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