Q&A With Karen: Question 1

How do you explain the success of the therapeutic relationship you shared with Dr. Baer?

Dr. Baer allowed me to build trust. I couldn’t trust anyone, nor did I have the strength to allow another person into my inner world, to know the extent of what I suffered. The only one I ever chose to share my secrets with was Dr. Baer. My “alters” and I survived on blind faith and put all our trust into Dr. Baer and our work together. Somewhere within me was the determination to survive, but I couldn’t do it alone.

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  1. How has your life changed since the integration?

  2. Dear Karen,
    As I read your life’s journey, I kept feeling thankful for your alters and the beautifully functioning selves which protected you and each other. It would be good to know how you have been able to continue long term without therapy or losing time, without alters to help you along and take the stresses of everyday living. What an amazing age at which to get to know yourself all over again, or for the first time even. How are you doing this?

    I was dying to hold you all through the book. Thanks for allowing Dr Baer to write your story so well. I hope that the book and all the interest it generates doesn’t bring back any trauma to your life now.

  3. Tell me to what extent you feel the depiction of your husband was real and how much was Dr. Baer’s interpretation of your revelations. At times it seemed as if he was a “monster” who caused some of the problems you encountered. Was his drinking a cause of the problems or a reaction to them?

  4. Karen,
    Excellent book! Your life story is indeed amazing. I noticed that your alters range not only in age and gender, but also in race with one being black. Were any of the others a different nationality? Each person was so unique. What do you believe is the reason for the wide range of diversity of your alters? Also, how did the alters get their names?

  5. I can’t even imagine what it would take to live though this. I commend your enormous inner strength to overcome such a horrific ordeal. I love the fact that when it came to your healing, it was you who led the way for the therapist! Speaking of the author, he certainly appears to think highly of himself. How do you put up with his ego?

  6. I have had this book for a couple of years now, but could not get through it. The memories and abuse brought up were just so personal that it took days just to read a few pages. At the present moment, we are 16 in number, with children (one being Native American and two boys) as well as a male protector. We were making headway with our therapist until she took another position and has since moved out of the area. Our psychiatrist is the only one we really trust right now, which is difficult because she doesn’t really have the time or energy to help us on a regular basis. With children crying constantly, adults quarrelling as to who is to be out, and our teens wanting to end it all, it is overwhelming to think of getting to know another therapist. Please send good thoughts…we have had enough bad ones for centuries. crys, beth and jed (protectors)

  7. Karen,
    Did you appear different? Did you have many friends? Were you withdrawn, distant or teased by classmates? I have a reason for asking. There is a 9 year old friend of my daughter that I believe is sexually abused. As I read your story, something hit me that she may also have MPD.
    Why didn’t your mother notice any signs you were being abused? Without proof, what can I do? Is it wise that I allow my daughter to befriend her?
    If my daughter shared her friends “secret” am I obligated to inform police?

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  9. Hello Karen,

    I never thought I’d ever read a book like yours, it was sitting there, my girlfriend was reading it and was absorbed by it. For days I watched her cry, laugh and exhaust herself with this book. I didn’t know what to say to her. I never seen her so emotional and had to read it too. I had to know what put her through such sorrow. How unselfish of you to tell your story. Thank you for letting Dr. Baer write this book. I never told anyone I also sometimes, experience suicidal thoughts. Your story was an awakening to another part of me that I was too ashamed to deal with. I started therapy three weeks ago, thanks to this book. My quesions to you are. Do you still feel suicidal when life hurts you? If you still do, what do you do now that you don’t have Dr. Baer or alter help? If these questions are too hard to answer, it’s okay not to. Thanks.

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  11. Karen,

    I can act, and I am good at it. I read your book when it came out last April, was bored with my life, had time and coverage, needed someone to listen, and for entertainment decided to become a DID patient. It was fun for a bit, and lo and behold my therapist actually bought my act and diagnosed me with the disorder. I am disappointed. I thought shrinks were smart. My interest passed but my therapist is excited and this continues to amuze me. I have a problem. I feel guilty leading him on like this. I want to stop now. What would you do if you were me?

  12. Dear Karen,

    In the book your alter Jensen built walls that he eventually took down. Now that you have integrated do you still wish to build walls? Can you explain what the walls meant to you past and present?


  13. Karen.

    What a read! I couldn’t put this book down. I stayed up all night reading it through, it took me thirteen hours. I’ve never read a book like that before? I have hundreds of questions but will only ask three. Do you still have the same fears some of your alters had now that they are integrated, do you still fear clowns? second question, Can you feel and experience pain? third question, What does blind faith mean to you? I pray you are well these days. Lots of luck to you.


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  18. Dear Karen,

    Your answer was marvelous to my previous question, can you please enlighten me with a little more? I’m somewhat curious if you took your children to see the new Batman movie Dark Night? If you did how did the Joker character affect you? Did you ever hire a clown for your childrens birthday parties? I have a small child, age of eight, that also hates clowns and your wisdom may help. The part of your answer that described why you dislike clowns appears right on.

    Thank you,

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  22. Dear Karen,

    How do you deal with stories in the news that talk about abused children, domestic violence and general violence?

    Candace D.

  23. Karen,

    I’m so thrilled with the opportunity to address my comments to you. I’m an avid reader and sometimes read 10 books in a month. So, I just graabbed the book at the library when I was there, not realizing it was a true story. I was appalled at the book when I began it, but found myself growing intrigued by the possibilities you showed and then I was amazed at how you were able to manage your life.

    Congratulations on the completion of your long journey. I was just so amazed at how brilliant you are. Just imagine what wonderful things you might have done as a child if you had been nurtured instead of abused. The alters you created were incredible and so vastly talented. I hope you can now use your brilliant mind to create some wonderful things for the wide world of which you had been so deprived. It seems that your friends must be very privileged to have you as their friend.

    We all need close friends. Have you been able to share your stories with anyone besides your therapist and family?

    Did your siblings receive any of the physical abuse, even if they weren’t subject to the sexual exploitation? I can’t imagine all this going on around them without them ever asking questions (kids being kids) and seeking answers. Particularly with you being so bright, your brothers must have been bright as well. Didn’t your brothers realize that some of this was going on? With your father as their male role model, I fear how that might have gone, but Dr. Baer never made much reference to them (possibly for their protection). I realize he was able to write about your father and grandfather in a negative way because they are gone. I’m thinking there is more to this story, which is yet to be told…maybe someday.

    It also seems to me that perhaps your father and grandfather were of the ilk that also may have been bright and talented and were unable to find an adequate way to channel their minds as with many of the juvenile delinquents who have too many brains and too much time on their hands.

    It seems like your story just underlines the idea that abusive children end up being abusive parents. Your grandfather must have been a horror. I think you mentioned your grandmother taking abuse from your grandfather, too. All the women in your family had a really hard time of it. Sounds like Ku Klux Klan type of attitudes personified.

    I don’t blame you for your bad relationship with your mother. I realize she may have been abused herself but she should have protected her children any way she could. She must be a very weak woman. I wouldn’t feel guilty at all about not having a relationship with her. She may deserve sympathy, but she doesn’t deserve your affection. Your parents gave you one thing – a will to be a better parent to your own children. Enjoy them.

    All in all, I think you’ve come through it amazingly. You had to be a very strong person at birth to be able to save yourself, even as a small child.

    Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts. I hope you continue to grow into a healthy, strong, vibrant person who can self-confidently go out into the world and be who you were meant to be! I’ll be here cheering you on! After sharing so much of your past, I’ll be looking to hear about your future accomplishments.

    Good luck!

  24. Hi Karen,
    Someone who survived all that you have must be strong. Where does your strength come from?

  25. Karen,
    Do you date or have you remarried? What does your friend or husband think about your past? I was abused myself and every time I shared this information with a man he literally stopped calling. One of my man friends actually told me once he knew I turned him off. How do share your past now that there’s an entire book about you?

  26. Karen,
    This is a great story but I don’t believe anything like this could possibly take place in the Chicago area. What area did you live in while this was happening? I am a child product of the sixties and know there was weirdness in that period of time but all men of that time period talked perverted and never acted on it. What made you different?

  27. Karen,
    Did you lose your talent as an artist after your integration? I have DID and love the way I am and am afraid to integrate for fear of losing this part of who I am. What about other things your alters once did, do you remember their likes and dislikes and have you kept their talents? Thank you for answering all these questions.
    Best wishes to you,

  28. Dear Karen,

    You are an inspiration to me! It’s women like you who teach us through real life experiences to believe we can accomplish anything if we only try. While reading your story, my minimal trauma’s seemed so insignificant. I am a whiner. I’ve been whining to my therapist for months and he hasn’t complained once. Until I read your book I hadn’t realized I wasn’t getting anywhere. I wasn’t focusing on the problems I had. I knew what was wrong but was waiting for my therapist to ask me what was wrong and tell me what to do. Not only was this book helpful in understanding what therapy is, it helped me change my way of approaching my own journey. Thank you for sharing your life. It must’ve been hard to make this decision. I do have some questions.
    1. During your treatment years did you ever suffer from nightmares or panic attacks?
    2. Was Dr. Baer empathetic and helpful in understanding when you shared your dreams?
    3. Did you ever wake in the middle of the night thinking you were under attack?
    4. Do you have any suggestions I could use before bedtime to eliminate nightmares?

    You are amazing! Dr. Baer is amazing! Please answer if you will. Thank you.


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  34. Karen,

    What a powerful book! I would like to know how you managed reading the manuscript before print. If I were you it would’ve caused me to relapse. Was it difficult on you to read, write and talk over episodes of abuse before and after publication?


  35. Hello Karen,
    I just finished reading your story. I found it to be fascinating! What a brilliant mind you have. Thank you for sharing it with us. I am a teacher and have suspected abuse in some of my students over the years. It is very difficult to prove this, though when you are working with young children. I am simply amazed at your ability to creat Elise who behaved as a “normal” student during the day. I am sure some of your former teachers would be very interested to know your story. Please consider sending a copy of your book to a former teacher of yours! I am also a mother of two young boys. I find it difficult to find time to be away from the boys to take care of things like occasional doctor appointments for myself. How were you able to find the time to delve into such extensive therapy with your two children at home? Your husband seemed to be angyr and abusive, and your parents were obviously not fit to watch your children. Did you have other reliable friends/relatives available to help out with your kids? I am NOT criticizing you in the least bit- you needed and deserved the time to heal yourself. I am just very curoius as to how you were able to swing it? As a final note, I admire your courage and strength and would be honored to meet you someday. If you are ever considering a public appearance, please post it to this website. Thank you, Karen. I wish you days of happiness and laughter!

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  39. Karen,

    Your answer wasn’t exactly satisfactory. I grew up in Chicago during the sixties and witnessed many perverted conversations by the elderly men in the neighborhood. They were all talk. I still find it unbelievable that men who talked perverted can actually abuse children. I would compare it to role play, not abuse. The men in Karen’s life probably tried to act tough with their friends, real abusers were silent back then. I also can’t see why Irena says children are the responsibility of all adults. If a child is not yours it’s no one’s business to say anything. I moved from Chicago 26 years ago and never been back and was not abused. If these men actually abused Karen why didn’t they kill her after they abused her?


  40. Dear Karen,

    How wonderful it was to finish reading your story to find you are doing well and all. I admit at first I was appalled by what I read. I didn’t know if I could finish it so I put it away. In the middle of the night, two days later, I woke and had to know what happened next and read some more. What a ride reading this book. I am happy you survived and even happier to know there are doctors strong enough to handle tough cases like yours. I mean, Dr. Baer must have just as much strength as you have to survive along with you. Is he okay? Tell him Thank you from me. In the book Dr. Baer shared some of his past to. I believe your meeting wasn’t an accident but fate. I believe you both needed each other and that’s why your therapeutic relationship worked well. Congratulations on a journey well done.

    Beatrice, Wyoming

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  42. To Karen Overhill,

    I admire your spirit of survival. How is it that you and Doctor Richard Baer never appear anywhere? I checked the website for possible scheduled events and there are none. Will the two of you be planning any talks soon? Will there be any book events or book signings? Do the two you you do things together or apart? Where have the two of you traveled to since the book is out in the world? Interested in knowing if the both of you are real.

    Jeffrey T. K.

  43. Dear Karen,

    How amazing you are to share your story with the world! I picked up this book because it caught my attention. At first in a negative way when I read A doctors harrowing story? Second, why is this girl’s head chopped off? I thought to myself who “does this guy think he is” as if it was harrowing for the doctor and not for the patient. It seemed insulting. You were the one who suffered not him. But I bought it anyway.

    After reading the entire book, my thoughts changed, it was harrowing for not only him but more so for you. It should’ve read your harrowing story instead of his. Both of you deserve an award. It’s an excellent book. The story was written in a way that you couldn’t stop reading it and when finished wanted to know more. That’s what all books should be about. I would like to see a second book written about you about what happened next. There has to be more.

    There were certain parts that disturbed me and I have to know how you felt revealing the details of abuse in the book. It was so personally disturbing to read I assume you were affected. Were you forced into revealing these details? Would you say Dr. Baer enjoyed ratting you out in public for his own selfish purposes? I’m not trying to say he was wrong to write what he did but being a psychiatrist with confidential clauses, how could he? I admire your courage but am not so sure how I think about Dr. Baer.

    I hope you are doing well and are living a happy life after all the hurts you had gone through.

    Keep going,

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  47. Dear Karen,

    I am so glad I read Switching Time. I am a college student interested in psychology. This semester I enrolled in an Abnormal Psychology class and noticed your book on the recommended reading list. I just finished picking up this semesters books and needed to go to Barnes & Noble to pick up this one. I had some time so while sitting at the coffee shop decided to glance through it over a cappucino. Needless to say, three hours later I was still there, engrossed in reading your story. I’ve never in my short life had done this. My curiosity got the best of me so when I arrived home I did a search for more information and came across your website. I couldn’t believe my stroke of luck and hope to write my paper on this illness. It’s not only a fascinating human experience but the therapeutic relationship between you and Dr. Richard Baer is unbelievably remarkable. Thank you for having the courage to print.

    I would like to know how you came to explain the details of abuse to Dr. Baer? Did he ever ask you any specific questions regarding the details of abuse you suffered? I can’t imagine how one would bring up such horror in a conversation? Studying the mind brings me to wonder how the recall of past memories affects the therapeutic relationship. How exhausting was it for you to talk about your past? Do you believe it was worth the effort to share the details or not? Last question please: After sharing the details of abuse were you able to let go of your pain or have a relapse that thru you back into a depression?

    Thank you for surviving one hell of a life an to be able to share your journey so that the rest of us can learn from you.


  48. Hi Karen,

    I never read such an intense book. How you survived childhood is shocking. How you survived therapy is pure craziness. What condition were you in after each session? Did anyone help you get to and from your appointments? I would of left sick most of the time. Dr. Baer and you had a perfect doctor and patient relationship. Is your relationship still perfect? The doctor I have for my therapy does not like me much. I wish he would tell me to find another doctor. I speak poor English. Can this be why?


  49. I read this book and comign from a background of child abuse myself I could not stop crying after reading it. I came to the conclusion I may need some professionall help because of painful buried memeories of my own abuisve past. I would just like to know how do we forgive our parents and peopel who have abused us? Do we need to forgive the abusers in order to heal? Thank you Karen for your strength and courage. Cynthia

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  51. Dear Karen,

    Switching Time has changed me. I was one of those people that had doubts about anyone claiming to have a dissociative condition. I would laugh and think, why does this person need so much attention? I once had a friend who claimed this. At first it was exciting, after a while knowing her drained me. I tried to care, helped her in every way I could only to believe she was a manipulative bitch who lied for attention. To my knowledge she destroyed everything and every relationship around her. I no longer supported her, we broke up and six years later I heard she ended her life. I bought this book because this is the condition she claimed to have. It was out of this curiosity that I bought and read it. I guess I still had many unanswered questions. That is, until I read this book.

    I can’t myself know if my ex-girlfriend actually had multiple personality disorder or now called dissociative identity disorder but I do believe in your story, Karen. I believe in you and wish you the best in life. Sadness continues to surround me about my ex taking her life but at the time I believe she acted as if she had this condition to receive negative attention. I’m sure she had another illness, borderline personality disorder or possibly was bi-polar. Not that comparing is right. Understanding is what I sought and received through this book. She needed help this I know. I couldn’t help her. I heard she was in therapy when she took her own life. How sad for her therapist and for those who cared for her. Suicide destroys. It’s so sad she ended her life but I can now understand the pain of suffering from a mental illness. Thank you for allowing your story to be told.

    Karen, you are right, the world needed to hear your story.
    Thank you, Richard Baer, for helping Karen.

    Newport News, Virginia

  52. Hi Karen!

    Congratulations on Dr Baer and your book making it to press! Do you have any idea how hard it is to accomplish what the both of you have? It’s unheard of. I bet there’s never been such a book written before, ever. I would like to know if telling your story causes you grief and sorrow and if Dr Baer continues to understand it’s not over until it’s over.


  53. Karen,

    The world is unfair, people are unfair, and reality sucks.
    Why kill a good thing and integrate? How do you deal with reality without dissociation? Do you ever hate that you survived? The book is awesome but must have been emotionally challenging with many ill effects. If you were to do it again, would you? I cannot stop wondering if you are, indeed, well?


  54. Karen, I sure would like to see you have another website in the future, where people could come together and discuss there abuse through poems, art work, music, and relaxation. I know I tend to feel so alone at times in this struggle with my abusive past. . I sense you have such wonderful communication skills and would be great at helping others who are may be feeling scared and alone on there journey to healing. Take Care, Cynthia

  55. Dear Karen,

    Breath taking read! I could not put it down once started. Do you still talk to Richard Baer or has he been removed from your life when the book got done because you are no longer his patient? He should be lucky you shared your story for him to write. What if you said no? Was he a psychiatrist, psychotictherapist or medical doctor?

    My name is Karen to only spelled different,

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  57. Dear Karen,

    Great Book! This is the best book I ever read in years? It carried me without my losing interest. Now I sit here in awe of all that you’ve accomplished in becoming the woman you are today. I wasn’t an abused child but have a friend who was and never understood her pain. In reading Switching Time I can now understand more than I did not just about multiple personality disorder but all kinds of abuse suffered by the hands of all abusers. Now I can be more empathetic to her and to others who may share their pain with me in the future. Thank you for making this book happen. My questions are:
    1. Can you explain how you feel when you switch?
    2. Was there a warning or feeling you experience like (not to offend you) animal instict, like animals can smell danger ahead of time?
    3.If you did, now that you are integrated do you still have this same ability to be forewarned?

    Thank you,

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  62. Hi Karen,

    Loved your book! Dr. Baer did a great job in writing it! This book kept me on my toes, it was full of suspense and left me wanting to see what happened next. I read all your answered responses to the questions most people have. I was impressed by your answers and how well you seem to cover the questions asked of you. Most of my questions have already been answered through your answers but I have one more: How did you really feel driving to the area of your past life with Dr. Baer? Were you afraid or did you feel safe knowing that Dr. Baer was with you?

    Thank you for being brave and sharing the reality of what can happen in life and why all people need to be aware of their surroundings.

    Paula Z.

  63. Dear Karen,

    I am writing this still in shock? I feel dumfounded. How can you live with knowing what happened to you in your past? I read somewhere that you still hurt sometimes. I can imagine how alone you must feel. Who could possibly understand you and who could possibly trust you knowing where you came from? Do your friends fear you? Could you attack or kill them if you wanted to? What would push you to your limits now? I find it difficult to understand how nice you seem to be in your writing. Is this really you or not?


  64. Karen,

    Great story! Thank God you survived. I value you as a woman and as a survivor. It was a very interesting book to read. I couldn’t put it down. I’m positive there is more to tell. Are there plans for a follow up book that you and Dr. Baer can write, together this time?

    Thank you,

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  70. Hi Karen,

    How wonderful it is to read a true story, full of hope and promise and commitment on both Dr. Baer and yourself. This book was simply amazing. I felt every moment as though I experienced it myself. I read the book quickly, and felt as though your pain was my own. No other book left me feeling this way. I recommended it to many of my friends. I only wish to have met you and hug you. Dr. Baer sounds remarkably well put together to take care of you. Tell him thank you for bringing this illness to the attention of the world. I have read other books on MPD and not one, has touched me as much as Switching Time. Congratulations to you both!

    Wishing you and Richard Baer, a happy life,
    Lorraina from Arkansas

  71. Dear Karen,

    It took me awhile to figure out how to ask you a question. The website is difficult to maneuver around. I pressed on the question button and got no where. I pressed on the answer button and got part of the answer, not the whole answer. I am not good at computers so I ask someone to help me. I like to write and read. I read at least one book a week. Being old I am good to go. I wanted to know if you ever wish you could lose time again and how does your body feel when you want to switch now with no alters?

    You are in my prayers. God Bless you and keep you safe from now on. I am 70 years old and this is my first email. My grandson gave me a computer for my 70 birthday two months ago. My son gave me your book for my birthday because I always talked about Sybil and how horrible her life was. But yours was worst. Now I only talk about you. I enjoy reading your answers, it gives me something to look forward to each day. I admire you. I also admire your doctor. I hope your story becomes a movie.

    The good Lord loves you,
    Eleanor Dorothy

  72. Dear Karen,

    Thank you sharing your story. I am part of a book club and we will be reading Switching Time this month. We were waiting for the paperback to come out. Before we start reading I wanted to share why I recommended this book. I know you are real. I can tell. I read this book twice because I wanted to. There are many books out there that talk about the pain of child abuse. There’s only one you. There are eighteen members to our book club so you can count on eighteen books sold. If Oprah calls you, would you go? I read you are trying to be discreet and chose not to be known. Is this true? I think you are terrific and would like to see you reach more people around the world. So many women would benefit from knowing you. Please reconsider anonymity. You will be respected, not harmed.

    Much love,

  73. Dear Karen,

    Wow! In return, I thoroughly appreciate your honesty and frankness in answering my questions. I had to know? You see, if I were you I would’ve killed those bastards. I am still dumfounded that anyone, not just you, could survive something so horrific. How you didn’t become a drug addict, murderer or misfit in society is somewhat of a shock to me. Don’t you agree? Most people who suffer from past abuse don’t make it. You are definitely one exception to the rule. I learned something from your book. Not to assume or judge those who suffered from past abuse. Anyway I needed to hear an answer and you provided one. Thank you.


  74. Dear Karen Overhill,

    Thank you for all your hard work yesterday, and the months that led up to, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s, Break The Silence Today Benefit at 115 Bourbon Street in Merrionette Park, Illinois. Thank you for making time to help us. You have no idea how much you have inspired some of us volunteers. The ones who know the real you. Not that you’re not real. You are you. Knowing where you came from and how wonderful and nice you are today, has us believing there is hope in this world for those who suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts. We are happy to know you are alive to tell your story. You told us it takes time to heal, to have faith. We believe so. We know not everyone knows who you are but despite all the anonymity, we all thank you. We also thank you for future help with the Out of The Darkness Walk in October. Best wishes with Switching Times paperback sales! We hope you continue to share your wisdom with others.

    Break The Silence,
    Your newfound friends

  75. Hi !

    Thanks for your incredible work on this topic. I am a survivor of DID also. N

  76. Dear Karen,
    hello again. Big congratulations on the paperback release of Switching Time!

    In Australia today, September 9, we are having what is called White Balloon Day.


    This is an initiative to specifically raise awareness of child sexual abuse. It is in it’s early days but doing great work in the community. Last year after white balloon day there were 519 reports to the police in one city alone. I think without a doubt child sexual abuse is the most culturally suppressed and hidden of all crimes and also personally the most difficult and anguishing to expose. There is so much that still needs to be done to protect children and help adolescent and adult survivors and your book is at the crest of a wave that I hope is gaining momentum.

    It is interesting that although your DID and MPD were the subject of Dr Baer’s book, it’s your actual circumstances as a child and subsequent survival that are what people relate to and feel the need to talk about most. You’re as ever amazing and inspiring in your answers to people. Keep up the wonderful writing.

    Best Regards,

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  81. Karen, I know all of us who have come from child abuse are true surviviors and that gives me a lot of strength when I focus on that each day. I guess what I seem to struggle with the most is that no matter what kind of realtionship I get myself involved in, I never feel I can fully trust anyone. The hardest part of being a survivior of child abuse is the loneliness that can be quite painful at times. I have never felt accepted or understood by anyone not even my own husband. I believe in a higher power and have felt a presense of love and peace when I went to God in prayer. I just need to hold on to that for now in order to survive all of this. Thanks for listening, Cynthia

  82. Dear Karen,

    Congrats! Switching Time in paperback! I hope you sell a million copies. The book was by far, one of the most fascinating books I’ve ever read. Good Luck to you and your doctor! I bet this story reaches all women around the world who suffered at the hands of an abuser.

    I would like to know more about you and for now, more about how you felt during the time spent before you sought help? In the book you said you pretended to be you so no one would notice any changes, how did your family members not know you were not the same and how did you explain yourself? Your mind fascinates me. I would love more detail.

    Great Book! Utterly Amazing!

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  85. Karen,

    What a mind boggling book! I couldn’t put it down! I just found your website by accident when I searched for more info on the paperback so I could buy my friend your book. I won’t part with mine. You know how it goes, your loan out a favorite book, never to be with it again. Well, not this book. Do you ever look at the comments people left on amazon.com? There are more five star than any other! Great news for you and Richard Baer!

    The paperback looks cool, who designed it, you? I am curious as to the meaning of the ink blot face thing. What does it mean exactly from the medical standard ink blot test? If you don’t know does the author Richard Baer know?


  86. Dear Karen,

    Switching Time, is breathtaking! It was well written and very detailed in explaining the cause and effect of multiple personality disorder or now known, Dissociative Identity Disorder. Remarkable read! Congratulations to you and Dr. Richard Baer!

    Keep up the great job in answering these questions! Keep your spirits up and please make sure Dr. Baer is there for you when you need him. He should not let you go into another depression because of bringing up the past. He must continue to care for you. Does he? Does he know how the emotional toll in doing something like this can cause a relapse one day? I hope you haven’t relapsed yet. It’s inevitable. I hope you are aware of this?

    I am a psychiatrist who is concerned about your mental well being. I assume you must be feeling overwhelmed, not only with answering these type of questions, but with your personal life. Who is there for you now? If you need another therapist to replace Dr. Baer, I’d love to help? I am Chicago based.

    Loved your ability to survive such horror.

    Take Care!

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  90. Hey Karen,

    I just started reading your story and am almost near the end and couldn’t wait to share my first thoughts. The brain you have looks the same as anyone’s brain right? How did your brain work? I assume, like Einstein’s. It has me thinking that you had to use more parts of your brain to develop the alternate personalities and to keep them separate. If you used more of your brain to accomplish this, then what happened to your brain when you integrated? Did you lose much function and get depressed? Did parts of your brain die? When you die will you donate your brain to science? I think your brain must look different. Can you ask your doctor to answer this question if you can’t? I want to know how it is possible for a brain to work like yours and if you can teach people to use more parts of their brain like you do?

    The way you used your brain is so fascinating. Please write more about it.


  91. dear karen,

    thank you for answering all these questions. i have learned a lot from reading your answers. the book was so good i wanted to know more.
    how do you deal with the questions that hurt you?

    kelly flynn v.

  92. Dear Karen,

    What keeps you going and prevents you from ending your life? In one of your previous answers you mentioned that you still have these thoughts sometimes. I don’t mean to sound rude, but where do you see yourself in five years?


  93. Karen,

    Just curious? If I knew someone who said she knew you, would you acknowledge this person here in your q & a? This person in question claims to know you personally. I admire you, and said so. This person said you are real and her friend? We live in Rhode Island. Do you have a friend in Rhode Island?

    I would also like to know more about what was not written in the book, like how you and your psychiatrist author communicated during years of therapy. Did he write all that you said down as he listened to you or did you write everything down for him before your appointments? I journal, did you? If you did, Who has access to all your journals? Can your journals be viewed online?

    I read Switching Time three times and tried to analyze it. It’s impossibly great! What a puzzle! A true mind teaser. Great writing!


  94. Hi Karen,

    This is so great! You answering question not only about the book but what’s not in the book. I am curious like everyone else and have a strange question for you. What zodiac sign are you?

    I am not one those strange people who only believe in the stars. I am only curious because you seem to draw and know how to reach everyone through your answers. I think you are multi-talented, so maybe you are a earth or water sign? If it’s possible can you find out what sign is Richard Baer?

    Do you know that you are gifted more than the average bear?

    Lot’s of luck to you and Richard, great book!


  95. Dear Karen,

    Much success to you and Richard Baer! Thank you for answering my previous comment. Our book club members started picking up Switching Time but the book stores were already out, a few didn’t even have them out yet. This is an injustice to the book. We have some copies ordered and should be receiving them shortly. I did buy one and want to thank whoever added the discussion questions at the back of the book. I had volunteered to write up some questions for our club and this saved me a lot of guess work. I hope this book reaches college psychology classes and groups for discussion. I will write back after our next meeting to share our discussions and ask any questions we couldn’t answer for ourselves.

    Thank you,

  96. Dear K,

    I chose Hershel Walkers book over yours, while looking for a good book to read on DID. I was really disappointed in Hershels book that I went back, to return it, couldn’t, and bought Switching Time anyway. I felt Herschel wasn’t a DID suffer. I wanted truth about this illness. But, your story, now this is a story to remember! I would like to tell all readers to buy Switching Time for a true story and not waste their time on other books of nonsense.


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  103. Hi Karen!

    I have a critical personality. I judge everyone. Sometimes I think I hate everyone. When I picked up Switching Time to read at the airport when my flight was delayed because of Ike, I already preconceived the worst. I thought to myself, no way! Only there was something entertaining about someone switching time to cope. I thought this book should keep me busy for awhile. I bought the book and found myself trapped in your journey. It was unbelievable for sure, but no one could possibly make up or survive what you have survived without creating alternate ways to deal with your inner pain. How horrific you suffered. Well, I am a doubting Thomas and can’t criticize your story. I think this is a first for me, my first time, ever? I believe in you and can only say, you go girl! Spread your story and remember there are people like me who judge others, who can learn a lesson from you. I sure did.


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  106. Dear Karen Overhill and Richard Baer,

    I’ve been in therapy for twelve years now and until I read your book I thought I was the only one who needed intensive therapy from past childhood abuse. I felt ashamed to tell anyone because no one would believe that it would take so long to get over what you and me and other children had experienced while being abused. I hated having to defend myself so I didn’t tell anyone. Is this why you didn’t tell many people?

    Thank you for telling your story so that people like me won’t have to feel ashamed that we take a little longer than most to heal. I felt refreshed and good enough to continue my healing because I now know it will get better someday, like you did Karen. I have my own Doctor Baer, and he’s been a great therapist, too! I gave him my copy of your book after I finished reading it. He said it was written very well. I don’t have MPD but I do dissociate. I have less episodes since I am in therapy, every year I have less. There are good therapists out there and you and I found them. I wish all people be as lucky as we are.

    Thanks to you, Karen and Richard Baer, I won’t give up,
    Morgan Faye

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  108. Hi Karen!

    Your story has left me in awe! My question to you is: How did you manage to get Dr. Baer to treat you without additional help? Or rather, now that you are healed do you feel Dr. Baer had taken advantage of your case for his own selfish reason to publish a book? Most psychiatrist’s, who are really medical doctors, never deal with patients in the way Dr. Baer has treated you. Most psychiatrist’s as far as I know, pass the buck over to the less qualified psychologists, social workers, counselors or even to group therapy centers. Your case must of been so different for him to take you on himself. Would you agree?


  109. Dear Karen,

    Since you integrated do you ever have a bad day? Who takes care of things now that Holdon isn’t around anymore? Do you still suffer headaches?


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  111. Karen,

    Just finished reading Switching Time, and it was very interesting and powerful. I am happy to hear you are here and able to share your story. Did you realize that you alone can empathize with many different levels of abuse? You were abused as a child, and as an adult an so many different ways in between. You are inspiration to all womaen! I only wish to have had your strength to survive. I am a victim, too. I still suffer twenty two years after one episode of abuse. I feel unclean and every relationship I have with my potential man of my dreams, ends in distress, because I never feel good about the sexual stuff. I mean, when a guy is in the mood, the last thing he wants to know is that you were abused as a child, right? I tried to not share this huge problem in my past but it always shows thru eventually. A guy can tell. I know this may be a personal question to ask but do you still have problems with intimate relationships?

    Angelina B.

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  115. Hello Karen,

    What’s up? I read through the first hundred fifty pages before putting this book down, finished the rest through the night and wanted to say you are a true miracle. I could definitely say God has chosen you to do his work here on earth and share your story to help bring faith in His work to all. I believe you have survived for His purpose. God Bless You! Please keep your faith. Don’t ever give up, the people in the world who have suffered abuse need to read this book and get know you. You answering questions is great! I bet you draw people to you, don’t you? I know there’s more to you that needs to be shared. Don’t ever forget who you’re working for. Look up!

    Thank you and Richard Baer for writing this book!


  116. Dear Karen.

    What would happen to you if you became stressed out again? Do you think you can reincarnate the old alters or born new alters? What kind of psych drugs do you take to prevent this from happening?

    Switching Time is a book to read and think about, I am glad to experience this journey with you, Thanks.

  117. Hi Karen,

    This book is enough to give one a heart attack, and it’s just what people need to read. True horror that comes from child sexual abuse. Through this book I have learned the extent of what can happen to a child who is repeatedly abused. I never knew that the mind can be so utterly fascinating. I agree that you felt lucky to survive through dissociation. I read most of your interviews and viewed Good Morning America. I have a few questions for you. Do you still have a hard time trusting people? Do you still trust Dr. Baer? I loved the part about the Christmas tie. Does he still have the Christmas tie the alters bought him? Can you elaborate more about the specialness of the tie? Thank you.


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  119. Karen,

    In response to another q & a you received and answered, I, too, bought this book while waiting for a flight, sat down and quickly became engrossed in your story, which amazed me. I am a lawyer, and like one previous q, is full of skepticism about mpd. That is until now! I finished the book, of course. The problem is I can’t stop thinking about you, the therapy, and your relationship with your psychiatrist. I need to know if your were properly taken care of legally? I would imagine you to be extremely gullible and not one to make the best decisions. Were you coerced into selling your story, giving up your rights and left unprotected? Considering all that you went through in this lifetime I can’t imagine you are where you need to be.

    I never blog, think it to be a waste of energy and time. I had to ask these questions for my own selfish reasons. I read through every q & a in this site and have to say, you sound well grounded, caring and nice.

    Best to you.

  120. Hi Karen!

    I can’t wait to share this book with my friends. This night we will be meeting for coffee and comparing our most interesting finds of the week. Yours is mine to present. Absolutely a book to get under your skin and stay with you. That’s a compliment, in case you didn’t get it? Greatly written, well described and fully visual picture additions. I felt I was in therapy with you. Crazy, huh? I am going to try to stump my friends with knowing more about you from this website. I am sure all five of them will buy your book after I get through with them.

    Good thoughts,

  121. Dear Karen,

    While you were healing during therapy how did you make it through your days? How did you switch with children around? Did you act out in public like some patients who claim to be multiple do? Which alter was your favorite and which alter did you wish to be more like? I really am interested in hearing more.

    Thank you,
    Mary Ellen

  122. Dear Karen,

    I know you. Your story is eye-opening and very humbling. You are completely genuine, unique, a pleasure to know and never once looked for attention because of your past experiences. As a matter of fact, until you shared that Karen, is you, in the book Switching Time, I would’ve never guessed. I respect you for trying to protect your friends, including me, and your family, from the horrors you once suffered. I can understand why you felt no one would believe you, but knowing you as I do just has me respecting you all the more. I speak for all those who personally know you, WE, don’t need protection and want to be there for you!

    I know it’s hard to change the mind set of people. Those who chose to work against assumptions and perceptions of the illness MPD have their work cut out for them. I read somewhere that if you look at the mind, consciousness, and the brain, the assumption that the mind and brain are the same is fine for most circumstances, because in 99% of circumstances we can’t separate the mind and brain; they work at the exactly the same time. Is this true? Can you ask Dr. Baer to answer this part?

    I marvel your brain and how you survived. Do you know if there is any new science being studied? Your way of coping is an extreme example of what scientists need to look into? Has any medical professionals studying the mind contacted you? I know you, and Dr Baer, can help clear up the confusion and misunderstandings of MPD.

    Good Luck and hope you sell a million books!


  123. Hi Karen,

    Can you tell me more about the hospital stay written in the prologue? How long were you in the hospital three or six weeks? While you were hospitalized what went through your mind as you lay there? How sick were you? Were you in pain? Were the nurses attentive? I would like to know more about what you believe was going on with yourself? The book was great, and your story was written in detail. I am a nurse and as I read this book I felt enough compassion to ask these questions. I would like to learn how well the staff at the hospital had taken care of you? Actually, I think I may have been one of your nurses? If you were, we had many conversations; the staff wasn’t all that great and your answer will provide me with peace. Thank you for your time.


  124. Dear Karen,

    Unbelievable! I have never read something like this before. I am overwhelmed with fascination of both you and the doc. His writing kept me engrossed. I was crying as I read the epilogue. The love between the two of you really shows in between the lines. How he cared for you and you for him and what you’ve accomplished together was no mistake. It was one of those unpredictable once in a lifetime chances. God surely meant for you two to work together. I hope you both are well and hope that he never lets you out of his sight. Karen, stay strong. Doc, be proud!

    Yeah, thumbs up!


  125. Hi Karen,

    What do you think happened to the cult your father and grandfather formed? Where are these people now? Do you think the other children were other children or your child alters? Is it possible you survived because you were compliant? What do you think would of happened to you if you screamed? Why didn’t you scream?

    Switching Time is a book that kept me wondering about all children. Definitely worth reading. I came to a realization that any child could suffer if adults don’t watch out for the signs. This book makes you alert to abuse. An important read.


  126. Hello Karen,

    Who can really understand the life you’ve had without being exposed to childhood abuse themself? I haven’t been abused as you were but can feel your pain while reading this book. How can you possibly move forward after such an ordeal? Do you have any regrets? If you do, what are they and how to you forsee your future? The book being written can’t possibly provide comfort, or can it? Definitely a must read, powerfully intense and written with compassion. Great work!


  127. Excellent book, Karen!

    Out of all the books I have read in the last several years, this is the only one that gave me such an emotional response. It was like I was there with you. I did have a couple questions; however, after reading through all your answers I found exactly what I wanted to know! Thanks to your incredible writing skills and detailed answers, of course!

    I was disappointed, however, to not see your name listed as an author or co-author. I see your writing skills in these posts and in my eyes there is no question you significantly contributed to this book. I’m sure Dr. Baer was great a vehicle for your healing, however, we all know you are the real star here. It was even one of your alters that guided him! Amazing! I honestly do hope to see another book by you about your life… sans the doc. I think I speak for most when I say we are interested in your life and your point of view, not so much the docs.

    I have to add that it amazes me to see this many people who are so intrigued after reading the book that they not only take the time to search for more information on the net, but take the time and energy to write questions! It just proves how truly amazing you are!

    Matt B

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  138. Hi Karen,

    I am concerned as to how you can answer these questions without symptoms of regression. I am a psychologist; attending to this task can have irreversible effects on you. Who is treating you at this time? Does your new caregiver understand the complications associated with recalling your past constantly? Have you shared you are answering questions? This can’t be a good idea. Who will help you up when you fall?

    Switching Time is incredible, shocking and fantastic. The conflict you lived with is inconceivable. Richard Baer appears to be a strutter. Karen, you are a true survivor, no one without alternate personalities could have survived what you did. Bravo!

    Long Island

  139. Dear Karen,

    Thank you for allowing Richard Baer towrite this book about you. He sounds like he really cared for you at one time. I am also a victim of child abuse and tried to forget about it without luck. I wish I could dissociate my pain like you did. In this book you and your doctor show great strength. It would be great to see a serial show like this. There is a lot of information in this book and probably not written in this book that canmake many episodes. I like to thank your doctor to.How do I write to him?

    Christina Maria

  140. Hi Karen,

    Loved the book. Love your spirit. Tell me, what are your thoughts on people? Do certain types of unions disturb you now that you are one woman? Where do your interests lie in relationships of the same sex, opposite sex? Do you hate men because of the men who abused you? What types of people irritate you? Annoy you?

    Thank you,

  141. Karen,

    In a previous answer you wrote your son was in the military. What branch and did he serve in Iraq? How did you deal with this and multiplicity at the same time? How did your daughter deal with you, her brother in the military and her father who drank?

    I believe you to be absolutely the most interesting person I have read about. Thanks to Dr. Richard Baer for his fine work, especially with you being his first patient of this illness. How he managed your illness cold turkey is unimaginable. Good wishes sent to both of you.

    Keeping you both in my prayers.
    Sgt. Jack

  142. Hi Karen, it’s me again, Jacob!

    I did it! I sold four of your paperbacks, loaned mine to one! The group loved what I told them and couldn’t wait to read it. In three days everyone finished it. I could read another part to this. I know, I know, this was intense enough! I won this week’s book selection of our most interesting finds, that’s why everyone chose your story. I even stumped them all today when we met again to talk the book over. I didn’t tell anyone about your answers and got a lot of “how do you know?” looks? Well, I couldn’t keep it to myself anymore and told them about this site.

    Good thoughts,

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  144. Hi Karen,

    Your mother couldn’t help you? Why? What kind of mother was she? Evil witch or pathetic manipulator? To trade you in, to say, and ignore you? How would she react if she read Switching Time?

    This book was wriiten excellently, very powerful and intelligently.

    Cheryl C

  145. Karen,

    I’ll be blunt. Well written and emotionally disturbing that these things can happen. I can believe. In the book it was written that you had thoughts of hurting yourself, even to the point one of your alters attempted it to rid you of your femininity. In sharing this with your psychiatrist what did you believe you would accomplish? Were you turned on by sharing? Do you believe Dr. Baer was? If I were in his position I’m not sure I could’ve handle it without trying to empathize and feel your experiences. Stating this, a psychiatrist can remove himself emotionally after the session is over but during the time he listened how did you perceive him? Did you try to spare him the details because of his feelings or yours?

    The both of you, and this book are miraculous and an asset to the medical field.

    C.F. MD

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  154. Hey Karen,

    I just bought the paperback Switching Time of your life written by Richard Baer. I read it and decided to buy the hard cover just because I wanted it on the shelf. The cover designs on both were interesting and eye catching. Hard covers are always a better choice for keeps, paperbacks are for show and sharing. Both books look great! Thank you’s sent to the artists!

    For Richard Baer, you did a great job explaining MPD! I agree with you, MPD is a more suitable diagnosis than DID. Why did the DSM change this? What was the purpose? DID is vague. MPD is pronounced. Are you planning on speaking at any conferences regarding this illness? Please add information here.

    The story’s written work was WOW! The care between doctor and patient is evident.
    Good wishes to you both.


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  156. Dear Karen,

    Our book club turned into an adventure that lasted over three hours, an hour and a half over the usual norm of these book club get togethers. We have come up with many questions but are happy to say most were already answered through your column. Most of the club women want to know more about your life when you weren’t in session. What did you do to live from one appointment to the next?

    We had a great discussion. The ladies opinions of Swithching Time? They loved the book, loved Richard and loved you even more. There were so many things to talk about. In the end, we all agreed this illness is true and you story truthfully written.

    God bless you.

  157. Dear Karen,

    I have read Switching Time, the prologue, the story and epilogue were powerful. I bought it today, finished it today. I would like to know what you are doing to be happy. I may not have the right to ask this but this book must be keeping you insecure and not well. When any patient reveals their true story in a book there must be sadness when the past interferes with today. I also would like to know how you manage to change your relationship without switching, with the doctor, do the book business, from doctor to a friend and back to him as doctor when answering these questions. This must be nerve wrecking for you, does he understand you? And you him? I am excited and am ready to start sharing Switching Time with my friends and family tonight.

    Murfreesboro, TN

  158. Four questions:
    Who are you and why aren’t you talking about what you accomplished?
    What do you do and do people know who you are with you being anonymous?
    Don’t you want and need attention?
    How will people know you accomplished what you set out to accomplish?

    Oren Edmund

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  160. Have you forgiven your father, grandfather, husband, those who have abused you, ignored you, and didn’t intervene to help you and your mother? Please elaborate? Would you say your abusers fit into the same mold of dysfunction? If you were to describe each of them with a diagnosable mental illness which illness would you label them under? I know you claim not to be a therapist. I am interested in your gut instinct years after being abused and now that you’ve grown to heal yourself. I am a resident on a psych. unit and am interested in learning more about how your mind resolved your pain and how you are able to move on?

    Thank you,
    Justin, MD

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  162. […] Answers Genevieve Comment by Genevieve on October 6, 2008 3:12 am Dear […]

  163. Dear Karen,

    Congratulations on surviving an horrific childhood and being able to share your experiences in the book and here as people need to ask questions. MPD may not fit into the question I have, but there must be similarities to other depressive illnesses that you can understand. I am not one to ever feel depressed until now. I just turned 55 and feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. Could it be because most people suffer from depression in the autumn months? Do you ever feel this way? My physician told me once someone suffers from depression it can be life long. Do you suffer from depression? I had thoughts of ending my life recently and as I read your story and this blog I know my life has been wonderful compared to what you went through. I am glad to know you through your writing. I am one of the woman who really did benefit. Thank you for not pretending to be perfect and admitting that you still have bad days. Women need to hear from real women like you.

    The best to you and yours and to your compassionate doctor friend,


  164. Hi Karen,

    What a mind boggler of a book, complicated in a way that each sentence had to be read or you would lose the meaning. I learned a lesson when I tried to skim through the and had to go back beforing deciding to start again and read every word. One giant puzzle. Written with talent from each of your alters, Richard Baer and you. A group effort needless to say.

    My questions: What do you like to do now that you are one woman? Do you have the same interests that your alters once had? When you integrated your alters did you like the new version of you after each integration or after all alters were integrated? How did you explain your differences to the people who knew you? Did you lose friendships and rid some of them?


  165. To Karen,

    In spite of all the world troubles nowadays how do you manage to live with outside problems, realizing after the survival of your inner traumatic world was a success? The world’s a mess. Do you sometimes think life on the outside is worse than inside?

    A Life in Pieces, is marvelously written.

    Good Day!
    Colin, UK

  166. Dear Karen, I was just wondering if you ever had a favorite stuffed animal. doll. or toy that brought you a sense of comfort as a child? I know this may sound silly, but I still have this one stuffed animal that I still hold close at night just to be able to fall asleep …Thank you again for answering all my queations. Blessings to you ~~Cynthia

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  171. Hi Karen,

    Thank you for sharing your life with us and your doctor. I couldn’t put the book down. It was very intense. Dr. Baer did a great job taking care of all of you. I am fortunate never to have been abused. I can’t imagine how painful your life has been. The story was so real I actually felt your pain while reading it. If you can, please describe what kind of father you had? When you were young what did you dream?


  172. Dear Karen,

    If you had an opportunity to teach young girls what you have learned from your life experiences what would you tell them? I need help in what to teach my three daughters.

    Thank you,
    Concerned Mom

  173. Hi Karen,

    When you were in therapy what would happen if your therapist wasn’t there when you arrived? Would your alters ruin things for you because of him? I have been going to therapy for over three years and diagnosed with DID. My therapist is always late and I am beginning to hate him. I get so frustrated that when he finally shows up I can’t speak or forgot what I wanted to discuss. I write notes to myself to help. I may quit. Any comments that could help me? I hate thinking of starting again. My alters don’t care at least this is what my therapist told me. I don’t even think I have alters. Maybe I am being played by him. He keeps telling me I need to come more but one a week is enough aggravation. My therapist thinks more of himself than me. I wish my therapist was like yours because you were lucky, mine causes me grief. Do you know of any good doctors in the South Bend area?

    Thank you for this story. It will help me more than my therapist.


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  177. Karen, I was just wondering if you have any pets now? I have found that my two Yorkies are so healing for me and give me such unconditional love and joy. I also noticed my dogs know when we I need a good laugh or just some nice licks on the face when I am feeling a little sad or lonely. Blessings to you and thank you again for this wonderful site. Cynthia

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  179. My dear friend, “Karen”,

    Knowing you has brought me peace. Peace that you needed to keep for yourself. If it weren’t for you and your caring nature I wouldn’t be where I am today. Being an inspiration to me and all of those who know you is a wonderful thing. The problem is you kept nothing for yourself. I learned from you never to give up. I learned from you to have faith. I even learned how to have a kind heart. Stop taking care of everyone including Dr. Baer (I know what you’re doing even if you never said anything) and giving everything away will not make you happy. Who comes first? You do! Another lesson I learned from you. You can’t fix everyone’s heart only God can.

    I wanted you to read this prayer. The beginning is about heaven and being safely home which your not to go yet and not included. The bottom of this prayer reads: —————-
    Did you wonder I so calmly trod the valley of the shade? Oh! but Jesus’ love illumined every dark and fearful glade. And He came Himself to meet you in that way so hard to thread; And with Jesus’ arm to lean on, Could you have one doubt or dread? You must not grieve so sorely, for I love you dearly still; Try to look beyond earth’s shadows, Pray to trust our Father’s Will. There is work still waiting for you, So you must not idly stand; Do it now, while life remaineth—You shall rest in God’s own land. When that work is all completed, He will gently call you home; Oh the rature of that meeting, Oh, the joy to see you come!

    “Karen”, may your tormented soul find peace.

    A most grateful friend

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  181. Hi Karen,

    How can the writer of your story take credit when he copied everything from your journals?


  182. Dear Karen,

    I was so impressed with your survival. I would love to meet you and the doctor Richard Baer. I have a million thoughts on how your mind survived. Most questions have been answered except for one. When you suspect someone is being abused in any shape of form, child or adult, do you get sick to your stomach? I was abused too and seem to have this way about me and was curious if you do too?


  183. Hi Karen,
    Reading answers and the questions asked of you has become a daily event for me. I have you in my favorites and if I miss a few days I have to catch up. I think you should put all these answers and questions in a cliff note or book. I find you addicting, well, your writing and answers. The child molester creeped me out as well as Dennis from awhile ago. How does your doctor feel about all this? Is he pissed? I mean with you answering questions and not him. I hope he doesn’t hate you. If anything he should be loving you more or kissing the ground you walk on.************* Judy

  184. Dear Karen,

    If you were to guess on how many real cases of your illness there are how many would you guess? What makes you a recovered case? Can your make another alter? I bet you can. Will you consider trying to create another identity to deal with something new that hasn’t come up yet? I would like to know how to create an alter. I need a partner to blame for my faults.


  185. Dear Karen and Richard Baer,

    What an amazing team you both are! Great addition to an illness that lacks real information. I have read many versions of this illness and not one left me with understanding it as you wrote it. My mother has been diagnosed with a dissociative disorder and when she’s feeling good all is good, when she feels bad watch out for anything goes. I am her son and love her. My questions are: How did your children react when you felt good and when under pressure? Did your children know how to diffuse you? Does Dr. Baer know how to diffuse you?


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  189. Karen Overhill,

    Did your alters ever fool yourself? I am curious if you ever planned something and an alter came out and ruined everything? I couldn’t put your book down, It trapped me. What an inspiration you are to survive. Thank you for leaving the reader in awe!

    Kara Beth

  190. Hi Karen,

    I don’t know what to ask you? But I will tell you one thing. This book made me a believer in multiple personality disorder or dissociative identity disorder. I totally understand it now. Thank you for contributing to science.


  191. Hi Karen,

    Does Dr. Richard Baer still treat MPD patients? Where is his practice located in Chicago? How do I make an appointment to see him? I was diagnosed six years ago and my therapist died four months ago. I am still mourning but wish to continue the process that he started. I don’t like the replacement therapist. MY deceased therapist was great like your doctor and I miss him so much. My therapy was working until his sudden death and now we are screwed. I have three alters left to integrate out of ten. If this happened to you what would you do? Please advice?

    Thank you,
    Not finished Mary

  192. Dear Karen,

    I met a woman on the train who was reading your book and sobbing. I asked her if there was something wrong? She said, We all have strengths and weaknesses, this book is a very special book, for it identified my weaknesses, the woman in this book wanted to heal and give of herself to help others achieve their dreams. She said this woman came into my heart. This stranger told me to pick one up that she thought it’s reading most important. I did and wish to talk with her again. Don’t remember her name? We talked for twenty minutes about this book and when I exited the train I picked one up at the bookstore three blocks away, guessing curiosity at this strange meeting got to me? God works through each of us to learn. The conversation began as many do? Is something wrong? Can I help? When you witness someone like this it’s hard to turn your back.

    Normally I would never dare buy a book like this. I am a nun. I am appalled by the church where you schooled and attended. I will pray for all. Situations influenced you to make decisions you were not sure about. Trust your own thoughts and go with them. I believe God has spoken through you, to all those who read your story. What happened to your soul when the spiritual underlayment was destroyed and a part of your “whole” being was missing, was horrific?

    I pray for you to grow, it’s a wonderful feeling, your efforts will bring you everlasting love.
    God bless you,
    Sister Mary Frances

  193. Karen,

    Were you drugged before abused? If you were what do you think you were given? I read Switching Time and was absolutely engrossed in your life. I can’t imagine how you went from one point to the next. You must’ve been drugged and if the alters were to protect you why didn’t they? Why did you go willingly and why didn’t your alters hide you or fight back? If you couldn’t what made you not kill them any chance you had? I don’t get it? I would’ve killed them all the moment I had a chance. Perverts need to be destroyed. Do you think they received their just reward?


  194. Dear Karen,

    Thank you for sharing your story. I complain a lot. I am privileged. I would never comprehend things like this happening in the world. My teacher had our class read your book. I didn’t want to but for a grade had to. I am inspired by you. I shall not complain again. I am so lucky never to have experienced a life like yours. I am eighteen and haven’t made any effort to learn about life. I am a freshman in college. Mom and Dad pay for everything, I am set for life and the worst memory I had in life so far was my parents not buying me a car at sixteen. I felt abuse for this? Imagine that? I did receive my car at seventeen. My problems can’t be worse than yours but I told people they are horrible selfish parents. I guess I was wrong. I am very lucky my parents gave me everything including a wonderful childhood. This book woke me up. I hate that I am privileged. I decided to change my way of controlling my parents to get what I want.

    Did you have nice things growing up? Did you receive things you wanted? Did your parents buy you things for being guilty? How about nice clothes? I could never survive what you did. You are my hero.

    Danielle Leigh

  195. Karen,

    I am in shock of all that you suffered as a child. When reading Switching Time and other articles on you I couldn’t believe how insensitive your mother was. Did she not love you? I would like to ask you a difficult question. Did you ever wish you would’ve died from the tumor on you head? How big was your tumor and did it cover your entire face making you look unlovable? Do you have a huge scar that is still visible? When you were a child and ill all the time what kind of illnesses did you have? As a child that lost time do you think your illnesses were from being abused or regular child illnesses? Do you think you would’ve been abused if your were a well child? You are the strongest woman I ever read about.


  196. Dear Karen,

    In spite of all that you and r\Richard Baer went through do you feel as if this was an accomplishment or not? If you were to know what you know now would you still make the decision to integrate or not? I have been diagnosed with mpd and my therapist gave me your book to read. I don’t want to accept my diagnosis but have to be realistic. I do wish to heal like you but have my doubts. Did your therapist give you books to read? Which books?

    Switching Time made me come to terms with my own diagnosis. I am inspired by you to do what I need to do. The only difference is I don’t feel my therapist is the right one to accompany me on my journey? How did you know Dr. Richard Baer was right for you? How long did it take to know? I am in therapy for two years now, once a month.

    Thank you,

  197. Karen,

    If you could live again in another time in the future, possibly through reincarnation, which alter would you like to come back as?


  198. Dear Karen,

    I feel so sad for you. I don’t know you but you must be petrified with halloween and the memories triggered. I read you completed therapy but can’t imagine how you did when I could throw up just thinking about what you went through. How could you give out treats today? Can’t someone else do it?


  199. Boo!

    Happy Halloween!

    Jessica Lynn

  200. Karen Overhill,

    In your old multiple world who was the alter responsible for making decisions and keeping you safe? Who is responsible since integration? What kept you alive these years and what could kill you these days? Has anyone betrayed you? What about Richard Baer? In analyzing Switching Time it is my belief Richard Baer did. I personally witnessed the amazing you, the power behind your healing must be dealt with indefinitely, forgiveness is inevitable, and betrayal is not acceptable. Stop trusting him. I personally know him and he’s not being honest with you.

    Someone who cares.

  201. Dear Karen,

    Thank you for this book! I couldn’t wait to write to you and your doctor. What an intimate journey between doctor and patient. I am feeling overwhelmed with joy reading how the two of you bonded and healed. I can imagine the dual healing experience. Richard Baer must have been going through his own journey to wholeness alongside yours. It should be written in the book that Dr. Baer had to learn about himself in order to help you. He could not have helped you without healing himself first. Is he healed yet? It was very interesting reading about his own personal struggles alongside yours. In the real world no one is unscathed when in any relationship. In some of your answers to previous questions you take ownership of all hurts. No way, you must not take ownership to all, it takes two, you and the doctor.

    How come you guys aren’t doing book tours? Checked it out online. I was shopping at a store and asked where to find Switching Time and was told it wasn’t sold there because of its contents? Don’t get it.

    Blanche B…

  202. Hi Karen,
    What in your opinion do you think about other people who claim to be like you? I read other books like Herchel Walkers story, First Person Plural, Sybil, Three Face of Eve, the movie, and more. Switching Time is the best book by far! I kept reading to find a worthwhile explanation to satisfy my nagging questions of how to understand my great aunt’s claim of mpd. I found all my answers in Richard Baers book of your story. I can stop torturing myself with crap. Thanks for bringing truth about this medically questionable, hard to comprehend illness. Much appreciate you and Richard Baer.
    Thank you, Mr. Johnson.

  203. Dear Karen,

    Are you registered to vote? Can you make one complete decision after reintegration of your alternate parts who each had different opinions? When you integrated you wrote you had a part of every alter inside you. I am curious if it’s hard to make decisions. Is there a continued conflict when making decisions? Are you conflicted about the presidential vote? What would you have done if the alters were around, vote or not vote or vote many times? In the book or somewhere? I read about when you were worried about jury duty. Was it because of alter conflict? I would love to access your mind. I bet it’s fascinating. Don’t forget to vote!


  204. Karen,

    When you were in pain as a divided person would you claim the rare illness ceda? The illness where you never feel physical pain? Or was your pain mind controlled? I have DID and can not feel pain as I should and this causes some very serious problems if I don’t check myself regularly. What did you do with the pain? I have to say it helped my being abused in childhood. How do you experience pain and pleasure?


  205. I have written before and I shared with you that I have DID as well and was diagnosed 6 almost 7 years ago. Your story is a true inspiration to those of us who think integration is impossible.
    After reading your book I looked at reviews and such to see what others thought . Every so often I doubt my diagnosis because I feel lost in my healing process. I actually question do I really have it. In the reviews, many people still say there isn’t such a thing as DID. Even doctors I have seen or read about say there are many people that are diagnosed that don’t really have it. Doctors still say it is very rare for people to have complete and separate alters or identity parts. Because of this, I constantly question my diagnosis. In one review I read where a doctor was sending people to a treatment center and the center treated them for DID but they never really had it. That scares me because I have been to that treatment center and know others who have been and all with the diagnosis. They were treated and I wonder now did that treatment center knowingly treat people that weren’t really DID. I also wonder was I one of the ones they treated who doesn’t really have it.
    Did you ever struggle with such questions? In therapy, I have have been taught about radical acceptance. Did you do that? I just am having a hard time with radical acceptance. I don’t believe things at face value and I question the reality of this disorder or illness that I have all the time. Because I am just an alter in this system, I question the abuse also. I question the memories. It is like a snowball effect.
    I question the memories as to their authenticity, then I question the diagnosis, which in turn makes me question the doctors and therapists that I see. It cycles then back to questioning the memories. Did you have trouble with this or did you just accept what Dr. Baer and your alters told you?
    I just want to feel better about my life and reality of it.

  206. Dear Karen

    It’s no wonder you accomplished surviving. Your parents didn’t make you who you are today. It is so wonderful to hear you beat the odds and survived what most abused children don’t. Your abusers should rot away in hell. If all that happened to you happened to me I would’ve died or kill someone when I was old enough to realize what was done. Knowing what happened to you must have been hurtful. How did you forget the pain? If your abusers were still alive would you consider killing them now for destroying your life?

    I admire your strength, Mia

  207. You ruined my life. I had my counselor in a trance until he read your story. My counselor didn’t know much about DID which made it easy to fake. Why did you bring this illness into the light? are you stupid? you got any idea how this book will destroy old bonding between doctors and patients? I will state no doctor should read Switching Time. I chose to have this disease when it was pretty rare and to different to find anything on. I claim DID after a life of absolutely notta single day of abuse. I tell my counselor I was hurt. My counselor soothes and hugs me and I get the attention I need.
    Wallah. Presto. Bingo>>>>>>>>GTG

  208. Hi Karen,

    I bought your book and gave it to my friend who is dying of cancer. I didn’t read it first. Oh how I wish I did. I didn’t want her to cry. I apologized and she told me your story had made her feel peaceful with her own past. I was shocked and took her copy to read it for myself. I can see why.

    Can you recommend what I could say to my dying loved one, Catherine, who had suffered from child abuse and depression most of her life? In her final days of unsuccessful cancer treatment what can I say to help her? She’s has two to three months top?

    Much obliged,

  209. To be among those who turn the world upside down must leave you in a very lonely position. To be unique is more than a statement. To believe or not to believe must be the question asked of you often. Most of us go through life feeling free to accomplish goals as one moves from childhood, young teen, young adult, middle age to mature adult. This was stolen from you. How can you possibly redefine independence with such a loss.? Has therapy helped provide you with the services needed to help you with the parts of your life that needs assistance? Have you received family couseling from Richard Baer? You have written Dr. Baer was your sole provider. You have mentioned one on one therapy is best. I find this a concern. Who is taking care of who?

    J.H. Chaplain

  210. Hi Karen,

    I am writing you today to ask you if I can send you something personal. I am hoping to give you something to hold as a silent reminder of God’s love as you continue to answer us. It’s people like you who step forward and help others who need the most help. There are people who suffered like you who are desperately needing to escape the horror inside themselves. You may be their last hope.

    I am praying for you,

  211. Karen,

    I was abused by my father and ran away from home twice at 12 and 15. I told the police and they believed my father over me. I was raped and no one believed me. I never spoke of it again. I am now 26 and a mother of two girls, 2 and 3. My husband is a wonderful father but I never trust him alone with our daughters. My husband never shows any signs for me to be this way. When my husband plays with the girls and they get to giggling I come in and ruin the fun. I know it’s innocent play but I panic. Why do I go there? Was it because of being abused myself? Is it too late to start therapy and file suit against my father? Should I let the past stay buried? My anxiety has increased. I am afraid to tell my husband about these fears against him. I stopped seeing my father five years ago. I believe you can help. Your book brought me strength to do something. What?

    Mom of Two Girls

  212. Hi Karen,

    I just finished reading your book. I can’t believe you survived all this stuff. Are you like the strongest woman on earth? I know my life was bad not compared to yours but bad in a different way. My boyfriend hits me all the time. Today I have displayed one black eye and a busted lip. He hit me because we live together and I have a cold and didn’t make him dinner last night. I guess I deserved it, huh? I read your book and my question is how long should I take being beaten by my boyfriend? I am not strong like you so how did you decide when it was the right time?


  213. What happened to your alters when you were in the middle of divorcing your husband? Was it hard on any of the alters? What did the lawyer and judge do when presented with your case?


  214. Dear Karen,

    I was thrilled at the end when you and the doctor hug. All through the book I was frustrated with his not caring to hug you. My therapist hugs me, what’s the big deal? I never thought this was a big deal until reading Switching Time. Now I feel uncomfortable and had to address it in therapy wasting a whole two sessions talking about it. Did your doctor believe himself higher than God or was he just a cold fish?

    Elizabeth A.
    South Bend, IN

  215. Dear Karen,

    It’s nice you answer everyone, including the bad ones, as dear so an so. It shows me you respect us who read the ST blog. I bet this you learned from being in therapy? I am in therapy with a doctor who is going through some kind of personal drama. My doctor broke apart and is now taking a few weeks off. I suspect it’s midlife or male men-o-pause. I started with his replacement two weeks ago and find she is a better fit for me. I learned this from one of your answers. I wanted to thank you for making me aware of what a good therapist is and how to find one. I worry about hurting my real therapist, we have been together for four years. What would you do if you were put in my place? Did Dr. Baer ever leave you for a period of time with another therapist? My first therapist did help me, except for when he yells at me to grow up. I am twenty nine and diagnosed with DID. I have six alters, four children, one adult and one dog. The children, 6, 7, 10, 12 come out a lot with him, the adult usually doesn’t, the dog does.

    Thank you.

  216. Karen and Richard,

    My review! Great work together! The both of you made a believer out of me. MPD is real. I agree, the term, MPD is much more complete than the vast variety use of the term DID. My interest in your story comes from overhearing the strange lunchtime co-worker conversations regarding the book Switching Time. I had to figure out what these women were up to. The women never run out of what to talk about. I never heard them so chatty. It’s weird but I gain a lot of female knowledge listening to them. It’s like reading Cosmopolitan. Men need to read this magazine about woman.


  217. dear karen,

    in the event of further abuse reported by a child after being taken away once. this child claims to be other people and misled her teachers into believing we, her adoptive parents are abusing her. she was returned after admitting she lied for attention. now she threatens us by claiming to be dissociative, claims we hurt other parts of her and says she will report us. she is fifteen. did you know you were the way you are at fifteen. my husband and i adopted her when she was five years old. she always was difficult. we love her. now she’s changed. when did you change?

    Mr & Mrs Bennett

  218. Hi Karen And Richard,

    Congratulations on accomplishing a book on what it’s like to be suferring and healing from multiple personality disorder. Who decided to change the name to dissociative identity disorder? To dissociate is one thing, living with multiple personality disorder isn’t the same. All people dissociate to a certain extent but all multiple personality people dissociate to survive. There’s a big difference. Don’t you think?

    I am suffering from depression and anxiety from past abuse. I am not going to say I dissociate because I don’t think I do. My question is complicated. While I was being abused I watched myself being abused from the sky. I was raped repeatedly by an uncle in his backyard on rainy days. I hate the rain because of this. When lightning and thunder strike I fly into a panic attack but don’t dissociate like I did those days I watched from the sky. Is this how you felt when you dissociated? I want to compare what happened to you to what happened to me.


  219. Karen,

    I will review your book now. It was incredible and fabulous. I never would share this with anyone and will leave saying one thing. Glad you survived to help people. Reading your answers has been a extraordinary worthwhile experience. The book left me weary and now I want to change myself and become the one person who really gives a crap about people in general.


  220. […] Comment by Mr & Mrs Bennett on November 29, 2008 3:45 pm […]

  221. Hi Karen,

    This is a shitty time of year, don’t you agree? I hate the holidays, the people, the decorations, the false smiles when unnecessary gifts are exchanged and the annoying carols in every frickin store you enter. I bought your book to read something depressing. Yeah, cheerful me! But do you know what? I found myself not so crabby and excepting of all the people and things that annoy me. I am glad you don’t know me cause youd probably think I’m insane but the Christmas story about the damn tie made me cry. No one, I repeat, no one, no book, had ever made me think of anyone other than myself but Switching Time. I switched into a human. Therefore I am. I think?

    Well, Merry Christmas to you and your shrink from a reformed scrooge.

  222. Karen,

    It’s December and I am depressed. It’s Christmas and I am depressed. I am a multiple. a part of a person and six out of ten of us are depressed. not depressed. not depressed. depressed. depressed. depressed. depressed. depressed. not depressed. not depressed. In the book you claimed to be depressed a lot. How many of you suffered from depression? Any at the same time? All at the same time? What kind of drug creates relief when so many suffer? When it comes to depression who made the decision not to die? If one other was severely depressed how could another change their mind?


  223. Dear Karen,

    Do you think it’s possible to create more alters after integration? I can’t know for sure but I was integrated ten years ago and believe that three alters returned this year. I’m not sure but beginning to not feel alone, if you know what I mean?. I know somethings going on and afraid to address it. What would you do if you were me? Isn’t this the ten year mark for you to? You are great and your story mirrors mine to some degree. What I really want to know is would you welcome new alters?

    Carmen P.
    San Antonio

  224. Good morning, Karen and Richard,

    Best of wishes to your success and completion of Switching Time. I would like to know if you are working together on a sequel? Thank you both for contributing to medical science. I never believed any story read on dissociative disorders before Switching Time. It was written so anyone can feel what it’s like to be a patient and how the doctor can feel when treatment is difficult. My question for Karen: How difficult was it to have your life documented? My two questions for Richard: What was the reason you decided such a story should be told? Writing the book must have exhausted both of you, who is taking care of Karen now that you are not her therapist?

    Wish you both continued success and sell lots more books! I bought the kindle copy. Love you both.


  225. Hi Karen,

    Despite integration what was the hardest part of therapy? I cant stand my therapist, he makes me ill, he thinks he’s the most handsome man on earth. I’ve had three previous male therapists, all think they are great, why are most male therapists so stuck up? How did you get past the attitude.? I know there had to be an attitude with Dr. Baer because he shows it in the book. I feel sorry for what you had to deal with.


  226. Hey Karen,

    Where are you? I’m Concerned. Why not active? Are you sick?
    What’s it like to feel since you shared your painful life with the world?
    Waiting because I look forward to reading what you have to say.
    from Winston

  227. Dear Karen Overhill,

    I read Switching Time twice for a complete understanding. It was interesting. But there’s something missing. How would you describe your life not mentioned in the book? I guess most personal family times is not known due to confidentiality but how was it like living the part of your life not written? Why didn’t you write more about regular life, the day to day experiences as a mpd person. I think if you included more about life outside the box of therapy Switching Time would be a bestseller.

    Has anyone welcome you to the real world. I am right now.
    Thank you. LNM

  228. Hi, Karen..

    I have to say, your story is one of the most powerful, if not THE single most powerful I have ever read in my life. To think what you had to go through makes all my trials in life seem trivial. I’m so amazed and inspired by your ability to pull through and come out as a content, wholly-functioning person after years and years of hell on earth. Your tale is certainly one filled with tragedies, but it makes it all the more powerful to find how you survived it all and turned your life into something pleasant at last.. and I admire that greatly. I really do.. having suffered clinical depression and anxiety disorder stemming from but a few instances of people who treated me badly, I cannot imagine how hard that had to be.

    I just had a little question, and it might seem silly, but I am curious and I haven’t seen it asked here yet: Did Jensen like Shel Silverstein’s book Where The Sidewalk Ends? Because he seems to have redrawn some illustrations out of that book right from memory, like the head-on-top-of-the-head and the bandaged Miles. I’m wondering if it was an inspiration for you as a whole, or more specifically just for that alter, and what other roles it might’ve played. I’m just curious because it was one of my favourite books as a kid, and that’s how I recognised some of the characters.

    It’s so interesting, because the poems in the book and the drawings re-created that originally went with those poems are completely different; I’m fascinated with how other works of art might “hit” someone when they first see it.

  229. hey Karen!

    I can’t believe you actually answer questions and make comments. that is cool! I have been following your posts and you intrigue me. What the hell is going on with Switching Time? I read it and tried to buy it from seven book stores and they didn’t have it in stock. I was told they took special orders and hold it when it comes in for three days. I know this must suck for Richard Baer and you but the book is great and really should be readily available. Well, couldn’t wait and ordered three from Amazon.com to have a spare to share. Thanks much for writing your experiences for the world to learn about dissociation.


  230. Where’s my post? I warned you, you answered, where did it go? Did you delete?

    Someone Who Cares

  231. Hi Karen,

    Why haven’t I heard about you before today? I am suffering from DID and my therapist suggests a few books for me to read, they made me worse. Twenty hours ago my friend gave me a belated BD gift, Switching Time, and boy how it helped me more then the books my therapist gave me. I finished reading it in a day and if it were cuddly I’d sleep with it tonight. I know sounds strange but I’m not psychotic. I am finding in your story that it gave me comfort and knowledge about my own life. I was abused to. I have pity parties with my alters everday. Did your therapist suggest you read any books while in therapy? You never mentioned it in the book. You made a difference to my life. I am feeling suicidal and selfish. Now I don’t want to be and will seek help like you’ve been telling us who are in despair and email you. I have an idea of what to do now. Thanks a lot. Can you explain why all DID therapists don’t know about this book?

    Feeling crazy but not.
    Annette Brown

  232. See the November archives, post date November 2nd. (Web master)

  233. I read about you after looking up a show on IMDb. I think the book written by you and Richard Baer provides the best description of a true multiple personality case. I have read other unbelievable books on this disorder which haven’t clearly explained this illness like the book Switching Time. I am sure you are real. I question one thing. When you viewed the United States of Tara first preview episode how did your case compare and differ? Were there similarities? I noticed a few from the book. I read your alter Holden was a bowler and left handed like Buck. Did you sell parts of your book to this show? What is the single most important part of you that you are willing to share to help others who live with family members who have alters?

  234. Hi Karen,

    Dates, do you remember all dates like Claire’s date of abuse? Today marks the 45th.anniversary of the day my father raped me at eight years old. I never forget this stupid date. What happened long ago tortures me till now. I am 53 years old tomorrow 7Jan. I thought you may be helpful in sharing your secret of forgetting dates or how you get past the dates of pain. I am inspired by you. I never set foot in a therapists office. It’s to late for me but so many woman ache like me and you. What do you do with the dates?


  235. Dear Karen,

    I am a victim of child sexual abuse and after reading your book found my problems minuscule to yours. I felt your pain worse than mine. Why is this so? Thank you for sharing about your life. I have learned from you a great deal and it will help me with my own issues.


  236. Hi Karen,

    Did you ever have fun at any time in your life, during the years of your being abused and kept captive, during high school, college; how about as an adult? Where did you draw the line? What have you done for fun? Has the seriousness during therapy ruined all fun for you? I refuse to go to a therapist for this reason. In the book your therapist talks of you sucking the life out of him. In your answers you constantly defend this. It’s bullshit. Right? Therapists ruin life, not improve it. To properly heal you must learn about life through happiness. Could it be that you healed yourself? Could it be therapy sucked the life out of you? This appears correct. Right?

    Markus T.
    New York, New York

  237. Hey Karen,

    What’s wrong with you? How could you find humor in the show about tara coming to showtime next week? If you are truly cured you should be irate with this show. It should insult you. You have been judged incorrectly because this show damages all you tried to accomplish. This show sucks. It hurts people like us who suffer. I am an alter of Kevin and being gay might have caused me to be too sensitive. I like you and feel hurt for you. Why aren’t you angry?


  238. Dear Karen,

    Best wishes! We read Switching Time and it’s better, by 100% than Sybil. I read Sybil two years ago, my wife read it six years ago and it horrified us but never answered our many questions. Switching Time not only horrified us but answered our questions and is superior in sharing qualified information. We learned 100% more from your story and in addition to Sybil, think we figured everything out. We have family members we know suffered as you did. This is why our peeked interest in your book. We understand more thanks to Switching Time.

    Questions from us: Do you ever think of revisiting the neighborhood you once lived in? Would you allow the area to be filmed if asked? Would you go back and walk through the park? How about knock on the door and see who lives in your old house now? Thank you!

    Jerome and Leonna, BFF

  239. Hi Karen,

    I am a med student and tried to find more information on: Dr. Richard Baer, psychiatrist, Chicago? I checked on-line and what popped up was many books, sites and movie shows written by him. Do you know this of him? It’s creepy that he claims to be a writer of comic books? Will the real Dr. Richard Baer come forward to claim his accomplishment of writing your story? I admire his work with you but have to say was disappointed when I saw a picture of him looking too young and foreign to be a claimed pyschiatrist /writer. I can’t see a comic book writer writing your story. His web page is child-like, teenager at best. How can this be? There must be a mistake. Was Switching Time written by the same Richard Baer that directed television shows like Who’s the Boss? How old is the real doctor who treated you? It would be wise for him to clear the internet confusiion. A respected doctor like him should not be insulted by an imposter. His book was educational.


  240. Hi Karen,

    I read on another site that usually a highly suggestible person goes to a therapist and, following some therapy suggestions, is unconsciously persuaded of idea that they have multiple personalities. What do you think of the statement? I read Switching Time and believed the illness to exist. Great attempt on your doctor in trying to prove it. Is it possible for you to write something that changes the minds of idiots?


  241. Hi Karen,

    I hate that you are not offended by the show United States of Tara. I bet you will if they write a book on the show without recognizing Switching Time. How would you feel if a book came out on the show, sold a million copies and wasn’t real. Would you hate the show then?


  242. Hey K,

    Great answers on TUSoT board! I ordered your book after reading your comments. I’m impressed! What an honor for a real person who actually suffered from, as you say, multiplicity to share your personal thoughts on a show. A comedy show, no less? Your added information has been of great help.

    Don’t get upset with the naysayers, they’re ignorant. A show like this was needed. My beef with it is it should be yours. Richard Baer is an amazing therapist to have dealt with you. I doubt I could treat you? If you walked through my door, seriously, I would’ve sent you off to someone else. Yes, I am a counselor, never had a patient like you, and hope not to. At least not until I have more knowledge. I am privileged to learn from Switching Time. I am in the process of adding a few classes to my list in hope to better understand all psychological illness’. Switching Time, TUSoT has sparked interest and I’m going for it.

    Great Job! Richard Baer and Karen Overhill, what an accomplishment!


  243. Dear Karen,

    If what happened to you happened these days what would you have done different? Do you think you would still have alternate personalities?
    Your story shattered my perception of abuse. I assumed those who were abused asked to be abused. I assumed child abuse was a form of discipline.


  244. Hi Karen,

    While in the midst of family time with your children which alters enjoyed more? How did your children acknowledge each alter? How did your children handle being labeled as children of a multiple mom? Were they embarrassed because of the alters or did your children ignore the teasing of their classmates?

    I am glad you survived.


  245. Hey Karen!

    You rock! Did you know there are 28, 400 articles on you? I looked you up. God, did you do all these interviews? Anyways, read your story and it blew me away. I had no idea the complexity of a diagnosis of whatever you call it these days, multiplicity as you say. Does your mind allow you to process pleasure after what happened to you? In the book you kept growing during integration like coming from a child to an adult. How did your mind process the sudden changes each alter brought when integrated?


  246. Hi Karen,

    Ohhhhh! I am sooooo angry with the new show with the multiple mom! How dare they mock your illness! I bet most of there twisted ideas and story lines came from taking parts of your book and blowing them out of proportion! I am so mad! If I were you I’d go with Richard Baer to the studio and tell them off! Can’t you see that this show is a insult to you! and Richard Baer? I personally feel bad for you both. Switching Time came out before this stupid show. The show is stealing ideas from your book. Worst. You guys probably don’t get credit. I saw four episodes and in each one there is at least one thing that I read in your guys book. I am pissed for the both of you! Let me know if you guys need help? I’m ready to fight for ya!

    Angry Arman

  247. Dear Karen,

    It’s so nice to read your answers here. I admire you for your strength and ability to share, you are truly one of God’s chosen. Dr. Richard Baer must’ve done a great job helping you help yourself get to this point. Sharing. Caring. Being thoughtful and respectful to all including the naysayers who do not deserve your attention or response. I have to ask? Are you being forced to share and answer questions or do you wish to share? I don’t mean any disrespect towards your agents or Dr. Baer; I am just concerned about you. I am thrilled that you are able to help without shame. God bless you!

    Sister Mary Beatrice
    West Virginia

  248. My God Karen?

    You are full of fascinating stories! I read your answer about the hand accident and how you got you driver’s license. I barely got my license just being me. What a way to go? I bet Holdon took the whole class. How do you think you passed the test? Do you recall any part of the drivers ed class? I think its great how you just did it, took the test and all. Did you by a dress that day for the wedding you were going to? Was it Holdon who picked out your dress or did he just drive you to the mall? If I knew you I would kiss the ground you walk on. Sweet Jesus you are awesome! Don’t get insulted but you really had me and my husband laughing.

    Lorrie and Dan

  249. Karen,

    What type of things trigger you? In the show USOTARA I didn’t notice anything major when her alters change. In your book you said there were triggers. Do the same triggers have the same affect now? Can you name a few triggers?


  250. Dear Karen,

    Just need to know what happens to you when you are confronted with a problem now that you don’t have others? If someone hurts you who helps you?

    Drew Marie

  251. Dear Karen,

    I was really afraid for you when I read your story. I am happy you survived. I have this nagging question, I was abused in sort of similiar ways that you were. I finished therapy seven years ago. I did well for about four years and have recently slipped back. I feel suicidal all the time and hate the idea of calling my old therapist. Would you’ve called your old doctor if he was still alive? I heard in a news report that Richard Baer died last year. I am sorry for you. I would like to talk to him but don’t know if he’ll remember me. I had D.I.D. and was in thereapy for six years. I didn’t have alters like you.I dissociated myself.


  252. Hi Karen,

    A lot of answers here! I had questions and all were answered!
    Well still wanted to wish you and Richard the best in life.
    Thank you for contributing this case study to science.
    Your book was well written! Well received.
    You made an amazing team, author and co-author.
    What an life worthy experience.

    Baby, my nickname

  253. Karen.

    In the show USofT there isn’t any way a did patient would act in such a dramatic sexual manner. Agree? I am married to a did patient and let me tell you, it’s bullshit. Not one of my wife alters would act in the way Tara’s alters do. My wife was sexually abused and no way was she like Tara. My wife never even walked around the house in her underwear. My wife felt ashamed of her body. Her alters were very skittish to. Where do you think this story line came from? What are alters supposed to do? and how are alters supposed to act? What about medication, do you agree there is a need for medication?


  254. Hi Karen,

    What happened to the new web site?


  255. Dear Karen,

    How are things going in the book world? Why hasn’t Oprah called you? What is wrong with her? I admired Oprah once but no more. It appears that many of her shows have to do with what she wants rather than what the people in the world want. Like this Edgar Sawtelle book. I read it because it was on her show. Did not rate it high. I guess if Oprah said it’s great everyone believes her. Now your book is meaningful and true. I feel sad that you lost your chance at the book succeeding. I will continue to be a fan of yours and Richard Baer. Just because Oprah doesn’t care doesn’t mean your book failed. No one needs Oprah to sell a book. Our book club use to read every book she recommended, we stopped at Edgar Sawtelle. I don’t think Oprah reads the books she promotes in full. If she did I’d be shocked. It would to great if she told your story so that people would learn from it. The new show United States of Tara makes your book look bad. How can fiction over interest nonfiction? I swear if Oprah puts the cast of Tara on her show without you that would be a disgrace to the medical world. Chin Up!

    Mary Beth T

  256. Hey, Karen!

    Are you a therapist? Your answers make so much sense! You are such a great asset to the viewers of USoT. I swear I learned more of the illness through you. I know, I know, you constantly state you are not a therapist and post only from your own personal experiences but hell! That’s what us people need! A real tru life healed multiple. Why aren’t you writing for the show? Tell your agent to hook you up! If I had Steven number I’d call him> What does Richard Baer think of this shit?


  257. Karen,

    I say peanut butter. USOT is contaminated peanut butter, will need to close and reopen with safe measures in place. I bet you make better peanut butter that is not contaminated. So make peanut butter please.


  258. Hi Karen,

    Drugs? Alcohol? Addictions of any sort? Are people like you likely to have addiction problems? The way I figure it it would be to difficult for a multiple (I like that your call your self this one choice word) to engage is such behavior. What’s your opinion on the above?

    Thank you for being honest about your selves, past and present.

    Marc & Denise
    Toledo, Ohio

  259. Hi Karen,

    What do the pictures of the upside down hand tree and the stars falling from the sky to Jesus mean to you? Do you remember what Jensen was thinking when he drew them? What about the picture of the devil in bike clothes?


  260. Karen,

    If a alter inside you committed suicide in your mind how would you live? It’s a crazy question but I have alters that threatened to kill themselves inside, not on the outside. So if there’s a death internally what will happen? I think you are the first person who understands how people with multiple personalities work. I know you can answer this easily. Thank you very, very much. I like and admire you.


  261. Dear Karen,

    If someone would hurt you now would your old alters come back or would you create new ones? I have a brother who integrated five of five personalities and swear one returned. He was hit by a car and has been recovering from a back injury. A alter he had was mean. Do you think he came back? What’s your suggestion? I have never read a more optimistic book than Switching Time. Tell Richard Baer thank you for making you well so that you can help others like me. I am worried about my brother. He lives with me and frightens me.


  262. Dear Karen,

    I am shocked by your story. Never read anything quite so horrific. I am questioning something I find hard to believe. Don’t take offense, please. I would like to know more about the priest who witnessed your being abused.. Did he participate in the act or was he a bystander? What Catholic Church priest would allow such things to happen? How does a group of men find each other have a morbid common idea of abusing children in a church basement? Where was this church? Did you report the priest’s action to the Archbishop or Pope? What was their response? Who do you blame? Did Richard Baer defend you claim?

    Justine Lauren

  263. Hi Karen,

    Amazing Read! Your life challenge must’ve been difficult? I am inspired by you and have read every answer to your every question on this site. Did you know you answered over five hundred questions and the marker only reads 261???? Who set the counter, they should fix it? When I pressed the print button to take a few pages with me to read, over six hundred pages printed. I had to add the q and a’s to be sure. Un-freakin-believable!

    Good luck to you and Richard Baer. Thank you for bringing truth to multiple personality disorder. Tell Richard Baer I didn’t like him at first but had grown fond of him at the end. Those readers who talk shit against him probably never read the book!

    Sophie McCann

  264. Karen, Response to Measlam.

    I don’t believe you. Your answer to Measlam was incorrect. I read the book. There is no possible way Baer was the author without you the co-author. Most co-author write less than what you contributed and have equal billing. Why isn’t your name on the front of the book? Why would Baer take ownership when it’s not his to take? I see you answered mechanically to protect Baer. Stand up. Don’t allow another man to control you. Can’t you see he belittled you?

    God help you Karen, for you continue to be abused.


  265. Dear Karen,

    I admire you for helping people understand multiplicity on the message board of United States of Tara. I have learned so much from you. I am personally thankful you are not a therapist and someone who has gone through a life of hell only to come back and help others. I don’t know how you do it. I hope in helping others you are taking care of yourself. Are you receiving support from your old therapist?


  266. Karen,

    If one alter of a multiple personality chose to kill someone, would another alter prevent it? What if you were injured, unable to defend yourself as you lay in a street somewhere dying? How would your alters protect you at that point? Would you have an out of body experience in an altered state or as yourself?


  267. Karen,

    Multiple questions. When your alters were active were you more depressed or less depressed? As an integrated recovering multiple do you feel more depressed or less depressed than before integration? Would you integrate again if you had the choice? Was integration worth it?

    Thank you.
    Tony from LA

  268. Hi Karen,

    I can see that you answered a million questions and how wonderful you are to. What kind of questions to you prefer people ask you? Are all questions answered? I have a few questions. Has your dream been fulfilled? Do you have a secret wish? What hurts you? last one…. Have you accomplished all that you wished to?


  269. Karen,

    If you could choose one word to define yourself what would it be?


  270. Hi Karen Overhill, The answer you gave RO was interesting. In Chicago the old neighborhoods had very distinguished hiding places. Hidden underground, dark walkways. You mentioned a church stairwell. How did you get there? Did anyone ever get in your way? Can you write a visual?

  271. Dear Karen,

    How are you? I read your story in one day and can’t stop thinking of you and what you went through. If I knew a child was abused I never tell anyone because fear I would be accused. Right? I’m confused after reading your story. I changed my mind and want to tell but feel bad and can’t report this girls abuser. Should I talk to the ten year old and tell her I know about her and the guy that’s abusing her? Or should I report what I know to the police without telling her? I hear her scream every night through our adjoining walls. I can’t sleep without being startled awake by her screams.. I think she screams for only ten minutes and goes back to sleep. I don’t really know. I’m guessing. The girl screams at the same time of night at least four times a week.

    Kimberly, a neighbor

  272. Karen,
    Do you have any addictions? Do multiple personalities usually have addiction problems?

  273. Karen Overhill,
    Thank you for being so kind to the idiots of this world. Patience is a virtue. A jerk is a jerk and will always be a jerk. I see that you still acknowledge the jerks who ask you accusatory questions . I don’t know how you do it but there needs to be more people like you. Richard Baer did a great job with you. Are you like this because of his help or this is how you always are?

    Antlanta, GA

  274. Karen or Richard,

    Can’t buy the book from amazon? Was told all HC sold out, will there be a second edition? I hate trade paperback? If a second edition prints have them add the reader group question to the end. I bought six books as gifts to share with my colleagues. Don’t want to buy second editions, want first.. Great work you two!


  275. Karen,

    What a beautiful quote from Audrey Hepburn you left on facebook. Beautiful Woman. Do you believe all woman who have the traits stated are beautiful? What kind of woman are ugly? why do men always pick the stupid pretty girls. Not saying your ugly. I’m trying to figure out if men are more likely to abuse ugly women? You are a beautiful woman.


  276. Hello Karen.

    I am student from Germany. When is book coming to our land? In America now until June. Would like to share book with friends at home. I have heard what it is about and are interested to read my self. Thank you.


  277. Okay Karen,

    Richard Baer is great. I can tell by your answers how much he has done for you. I can tell he means a lot to you. I would like to know how you, someone who was so abused found a non abusive doctor? If you are a real multiple personality you would choose an abusive doctor to treat you not one you grow to trust and respect. Doesn’t being abused attrack more abuse? I want to know what you consider non abusive behavior. I want to know if your definition of abuse is different than mine. I thought multiple personalities look for the same character in their doctor that was like their abusers. If you liked your doctor from the start then he is abusive because you didn’t know non-abusive behavior. Don’t you think you chose him to work for you because you sensed he was a abuser?


  278. Thank you for responding to my earlier comment. I have learned lots from your responses to others about DID/MPD that helps me better understand the many behaviors, issues, experiences I’ve been having.

    I’m wondering if you had experiences of lost time that resulted in loss of details about things you’ve agreed to do or things you’ve put someplace and then suddenly find they’re gone. For example, the other day I thought I had put a lot of change in my coat pocket. I hung my coat at work and when I went to grab the change it was gone. I checked all the places I might usually put money but it was gone. It wasn’t a lot of money but it’s the ‘not knowing’ if I put it someplace, spent it, found a new place to put it and don’t know or if it was stolen that bothers me. My husband suggested reporting the loss to our security people but I can’t because I can’t be sure the money was even there. I won’t argue with people when they say I said I would do something because my memory of events and details is not reliable at this time. Prior to a major break down several years ago that resulted in a breakdown in coping strategies within my system, I would have known if I put the money in my pocket or agreed to something. (Maybe that’s because prior to system failure I was operating with primarily one or two parts rather than parts that number into the teens) I feel like I can’t trust myself as a result and find this to be very frustrating. We’ve tried in therapy to find ways to improve more cohesive communication but there’s a few parts inside that are quite resistant to this and seem to be able to interfere with awareness.

    Does this improve with integration and are there any particular strategies you used to deal with ensuring information was maintained system wide?

    I can’t tell you how important it has been to me, at this time, to know there’s at least one other person who has worked their way through what feels at times like a hopeless mess! Many of the other books/stories just do not fit with my experiences. I can be greatful for a wonderful therapist, supportive husband, child and work colleagues who don’t know about my DID but take me whatever way I am, appreciating my skills and letting my idiosyncracies slide.


  279. Dear Karen,
    I am listening to Dr Baer’s book at work and find it fascinating and horrific too. There are a few questions I want to ask. The first is the same that one of the alters had asked Dr Baer, How did your abusers find each other to participate in such sickness and sadism? You would not know but do you have any theory about it? Second, since the memories you had were repressed memories,how accurrate do you think they are? I want to believe the repressin made them more nightmarish because it is hard to take that a little girl suffered this way at the hand of these horriible men. Thirdly, are you still drawing or painting? I like the drawings I have seen and would like to see more.

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